Top 10 Most Unfortunate-looking Duke Players

Heading into this year’s first match-up with the Dookies, it’s important to draw upon all the myriad reasons that you’ve stocked up in your brain for hating the Blue Devils. Sure, there’s the retarded floor-pounding tradition, the Crazies, the eliteness, et. al., but let’s not forget the more superficial of their flaws. Some of them are just ugly. We love to debate and compare statistical categories, wins and post-season success just as much as the next guy, but we also can’t help hitting below the belt from time to time, so now here are the Top 10 Most Unfortunate-looking Blue Duke Players.

10. Nolan Smith: If you look up “shit-eating grin” in the dictionary, this is what you see

9. Shane Battier: You’re not helping your case, Shane

8. Cherokee Parks: …………

7. Josh McRoberts: Nobody likes a whiner

6. JJ Redick: Boogers and Back-ne, a lethal combo

5. Greg Paulus: “Now, Greg, this is for the media guide, so make sure to give us a nice smile…..C’mon, Greg, a NICE smile……Greg!…….Ah, forget it let’s use this one.”

4. Ryan Kelly: Something about this guy just makes you think he’s got a date with a fist sometime in the future

3. Jon Scheyer: In case you need any more evidence

2. Kyle Singler: Search terms used to find this blog: “sloth goonies”

1. Shelden Williams: No. 1 in ugly, and somehow this is the guy that married Candace Parker?

Did we miss anyone? Hit us up in the comments or @TheRafters with your favorite (is that the word?) unfortunate-looking Dookies.