UNC Bus Crash at Clemson Not Quite a Crash

Looks like someone got a little out of control while the boys were heading to their shoot around today at Clemson.

Apparently a female driver ran into the bus. No one was hurt, not even the bus, but the car did sustain damage. Read some of the first hand tweets by the team:

“Wow on the way too shootaround and car spears us coincidence …….I think not lol” – John Henson

“Car hit us on the way to shootaround…like, how do you jus run into the side of a bus?? smh..l” – Larry Drew II

“We are on the way to shootaround and this girl at Clemson trys to take the bus out,” “Yes she ran into the bus.. Smh she is phunked lol,” “How did she not SEE the bus? This big bus!” – Justin Watts

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