UNC v. UAB Tonight

When Carolina takes on UAB tonight, it could be the start of something beautfiul, or at least the continuation. In UNC’s last two games (against William & Mary and Miss. State in the NIT), something has been very different. Something about the team’s demeanor has to have many Heels fans squirming in their cubicles or desks or what-have-you, just anticipating seeing some GOOD basketball again tonight.

When the going got tough down in Mississippi on Saturday, the young Heels didn’t lay down. In fact, it was exactly those young Heels that lead the comeback from 12 points down in the first half.

And who finished the game off? Those same young’ns. John Henson’s monster blocking ability was on display, as he sparked the turnover that lead to Will Graves’ banked 3-pointer that put the Heels ahead in the final minute of the game. When Miss. State tied it, who but Drew II took it down the court in a very Ty Lawson-esque manner, delivering the game winner over the NCAA All-Time leader in blocks, Jarvis Varnado.

Instead of committing ugly turnovers, the boys in blue put the ball in the basket, and didn’t seem flustered in the least. It might have taken a whole season – and the threat of that season’s end – but the Heels are finally clicking as a team.

I hate to sound like an N.C. State fan, but there is always next year and next year is looking brighter and brighter. But please, young Tar Heels, don’t think about next year just yet. Let’s see if we can win about three more games. After a season like this, an NIT title would indeed be a beautiful thing.

(photo by N&O)