Upside to the NIT? UNC men’s basketball games in Carmichael

Wanna know what’s awesome? The possibility of the men’s team playing games in Carmichael again.

Running Tar Heel is saying that because of preplanned renovations to the Smith Center, Carolina athletic officials are scheduling any games UNC hosts in the NIT at the stadium that Rosenbluth, Ford, Jordan and Worthy built.

Nothing has been announced. But how cool would this be?

I believe every student who has come through Carolina since the move to the Dean Dome has wished the Heels would play a couple games a year in the old building. My own personal thought was to host games over winter break. The students would still show, but enough would be gone and unable to attend that alumni could still grab their seats too and neither side would be too upset.

But man, I hope this happens. This is the most exciting news I’ve heard all week, and my spring break started today.