Why do teams always play better against Carolina?

It seems that way doesn’t it? Yeah, I know UNC probably gets every team’s best shot because, well, they’re UNC, but especially since conference play started it feels as if those teams’ best shot is a really f#&%)(# good shot. Lucky for us Lauren Brownlow of TarHeelBlue.com has compiled the 3-pointer stats of the season, and it appears that our qualms aren’t unfounded. She writes:

Two teams set season-highs in three’s made that still stand – Valparaiso (12-of-27) and Gardner-Webb (15-of-36). Another four non-conference teams set season-highs but have since passed them; those teams are FIU (eight, have since made nine), Albany (nine, have since made 12) and Presbyterian (nine, have since made 13). College of Charleston’s 13 were a season high but recently, they somehow lost while hitting 19-of-35. (The Cougars won five straight after beating Carolina but have lost two in a row.)

Carolina has had some luck. Nevada made just 5-of-21. Marshall has made ten or more five times and had done it three times before the Carolina game, but they hit just 4-of-18. Ohio State made just 6-of-21 three’s; the Buckeyes have made ten or more in six games. Michigan State hit just 2-of-20, tying a season-low. NC State’s Scott Wood hit 1-of-8 and had made 16-32 in the previous ACC games.

ACC play is where things get crazy. Clemson hit 7-of-26, the most made by the Tigers in ACC games. For Georgia Tech, it was Iman Shumpert, who had 30 points and made 4-of-7, that was the aberration. In every other game of his career, the sophomore made just 30.8 percent. And in all games this season leading up to the Carolina game, he made just 9-of-33 (27.3 percent).

Wake Forest made 9-of-16, the most makes and best percentage in an ACC game for the Deacs. Wake has made 27.3% in other ACC games. C.J. Harris hit 4-of-7 against Carolina and 7-of-24 against the rest of the league. Ari Stewart hit 3-of-4 and has hit 4-of-15 in the other ACC games. Virginia’s Sammy Zeglinski hit 5-of-8 and had hit five once out of conference but had made 8-of-20 in ACC play, 2-of-10 in the last two.