Why Recruiting Stilman White Was Pure Genius

Yesterday it was confirmed that North Carolina signed Wilmington point guard, Stilman White to play for the Tar Heels next season. This is great news as now Dexter Strickland won’t be forced to play the point when Kendall Marshall is getting a rest. It’s also great news because it will secure the back-up point guard position for the next six years — yes, six years.

White is Mormon  — he also had offers from BYU, Utah State and UNC-Wilmington — and will play for the Heels next year, but then take his two-year mission during the following years, and return to play for UNC during the 2014-’15 season. Roy Williams has already secured a top-flight point guard in the class of 2012 in Marcus Paige.

White is a good player, and I’m certainly not ruling out the possibility for leaps in improvement, but he’s likely not the caliber of Marshall or Paige. In essence, he would back up either player if they were on the same roster. He will back up Marshall next year, Marshall’s sophomore year, then take off for his mission. Paige will step in the following year, Marshall’s junior season, and back up Kendall for his final two years at Carolina — all while White is on his mission. White comes back to UNC when Paige is a junior, presumably with tons of experience after backing up Marshall for two years, and White will still have three years of eligibility left in the NCAA. He can back-up Paige for Paige’s junior and senior seasons, and perhaps any other point guard that comes down the pike by his senior year.

Or who knows, maybe White will be starting caliber by his senior year, at which point he could take the reigns of the team.  The bottom line is after these past two seasons of anxiousness with Dexter Strickland having to play out of position to run the offense, securing a great back-up point guard for a long period of time was a great move by Roy.

Of course, that’s assuming that Marshall and Paige both stay four years, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.