Wrap-up: Atlanta again unkind to Tar Heels

UNC 58, GT 78

Box score

In case you were wondering, the game last night looked as bad in person as it did on TV. The Rafters was in attendance for the Heels’ final game at Alexander Memorial Coliseum, and like any UNC fan, we are not sad to see it go. I believe going into last night, UNC had a 12-10 record at AMC; a winning record, but not indicative of the Carolina legacy. With it being the first time The Rafters has personally visited the arena, we can understand how a team can get distracted in the building.

We’re not talking about crowd participation either. The building is only a fraction of the size of the Dean Dome, and can get very loud, but UNC fans almost equaled that of Tech supporters. And honestly the only time Tech fans got very loud was after that admittedly sick Glen Rice, Jr. dunk and to otherwise drown out UNC cheers. The fact that UNC had enough supporters on hand to even cause a stir says a lot about the boosters of Tech. Anyways, it being the first time in the building, The Rafters couldn’t help but be drawn back, again and again, to the Thriller Dome’s, well, dome.

That’s the ceiling. Yeah, Carolina has tons of banners to be in awe of. But this thing is a trip. Can’t say what it is exactly, but I think the players feel the same way. At least that’s what their play would say.

Enough about archectture, this isn’t the Fountainhead. To the game.


  • Any of those arguments about Kendall Marshall needing to start over Larry Drew II may take a backseat for a little while. While Larry didn’t impress (0 pts, 2 asts, 1 TO, 3 stls), neither did Kendall (4 pts, 6 asts, 4 TOs). We see the six assists, but last night Kendall proved he is not as wise beyond his years like many of us thought. A big reason the Kendall argument had traction was due to his patience on the court. Last night he was forcing everything. The battle is no where near over, but I wouldn’t expect Kendall in the starting line-up any time soon.
  • Speaking of Larry/Kendall (which really needs a catchy nickname), when Roy substituted Larry for Kendall about midway through the first half, there were actual boos. I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter how you feel, you don’t boo one of your own. Especially when Larry Sr. is in attendance. For one of the few games his dad does get to attend, I’m sure it meant a lot to him that his son was booed. The Rafters has a problem with this and every Carolina fan should too. For shame if you were booing along with the others.
  • It’s beginning to get hard to understand the starters. The last two games it has taken a hockey substitution to get the Heels going. Last night the starters went down 10-2 before the second team tied the game at 10-all. While no Heel was ever in sync last night, that’s back-to-back games in which the starters couldn’t get going.
  • At this point in every body’s fandom, you should be well aware that UNC loves allow a high-scoring guard from the opposing team go off. Unfortunately last night, two players decided to fill that role. Here’s a fun stat, the entire UNC team outscored Iman Shumpert and Glen Rice, Jr. by only four points. Just marinate on that.
  • Field goal percentage was also at a historic low. The Heels shot a dismal 27.6 percent, it’s fourth lowest percentage since 1956. While that alone is depressing, what I’m about to say is even more so. As some other UNC blog pointed out on Twitter (not trying to hate here, just can’t remember who it was), last night’s FG % was worse than any game under Matt Dougherty. Marinate on that.
  • Again, don’t know what it looked like on TV, but did UNC ever attempt to get the ball down low. Tyler Zeller was held to three points and 0 FG at the half. This is the man who has been our most consistent offensive threat all season and we can’t get him a good look at the basket. Ga. Tech does not have the size/talent to match-up in the post yet we didn’t even try to battle it out. Instead we’re taking contested jump shots and throwing the ball away.
  • As if last night wasn’t enough of a mind fuck already, check it: UNC shot 80 percent from the charity stripe.

And here is when we never speak of this game again. Ever.