Wrap-up: Harrison Barnes, a.k.a. Black Falcon, a.k.a. Based God

UNC 72, Florida State 70

Box Score

Quick recap of last night: Harrison Barnes has tiger blood coursing through his veins.

John Henson had his normal spectacular night as well, tying a career high of 19 points to go with 12 rebounds and three blocks. Kendall doled out eight assists, although he was a little off with three turnovers but we can forgive that. Florida State as a team did not have one stellar performance from one single player but instead had eight players who scored at least five points. Not something UNC is used too.

But really, the only thing that needs to be talked about is how UNC continues to win. It was said that Kendall Marshall went into the final huddle and said something along the lines of, “I don’t know how we’re going to win this game, but we are.” Freshman. Leader.

And then what happens? Black Falcon reminds everybody how based he is and calls his own number, Jimmy Chitwood style.

Was the shot pretty? Hells yes. Was the game? Far from it.

It may not be impressive to beat a team without their best player on a last second shot, but guess what? You got it. It doesn’t matter. It’s a W. And UNC has found a way to rack them up.

They easily should have lost last night. Florida State had been undefeated at home in the ACC this year, always play hard down there regardless and there’s that game on Saturday that a lot of folks were probably thinking a lot harder about than last night’s.

That’s all in the past now. I’mma let you ride out to that jumper, one last time. Feel free to replay.