It’s 3 a.m. and I haven’t destroyed anything yet.* Amazing considering it’s been three hours since the final buzzer sounded in a loss for Carolina against the despicable Dookies. But like many people are probably asking themselves, why am I not more angry?

The Heels ceded a 14 point halftime lead to the Dookies, lost by six, and were outplayed in the second half. Seemingly beaten by two men, the Devils again got to the Heels. But what is there to be mad about?

Like they were supposed to, UNC dominated the paint, 48-24. Like they were supposed to, Puke shot the ball better (statistically didn’t, but did in the scheme of things). Carolina was able to shut down Kyle Singler, but Dook countered with two players having career nights. One you would expect, and another you most likely wouldn’t (and don’t kid yourself and say you did).

Both Tyler Zeller and John Henson finished with double-doubles. Kendall Marshall, while taking too many (bad) shots, only committed one TO to six assists. And Harrison Barnes, while not spectacular, put in a solid effort. Although the Rafters would like to see more than 8 FG attempts from a player averaging over 22 points per in his last three games.

There’s an unfamiliar calm for some reason after this loss. Yeah, we are pissed that Dook can put a W beside tonight’s game on the schedule. But while other loses seem like a road block in UNC’s season, this only feels like a speed bump.

Pardon the poor metaphor, it’s late. But think about it. UNC just lost its former starting point guard on Thursday. Say what you will about LDII, but his minutes, defense and experience were missed tonight. And if it takes Smith and Curry going off like that to beat us, so be it. It sucks, but it happens.

The Heels played a great first half. It’s a shame the second half  wasn’t as good. But a national player of the year frontrunner did his thing. Whereas normally we might talk about a loss being a step back for the young Heels, tonight can only help. They proved to themselves they can run with the big dogs (in this case the defending national champions) and they already showed they were looking forward to the next game in the Dean Dome. And honestly, after tonight Dook should be afraid.

The Dookies are good, but they aren’t that good. #dontbelievethehype

Sorry for waxing all poetic and shit.

UNC 73, Dook 79

Box Score

*That’s a lie. I have destroyed a bottle of bourbon. Sorry, ma.