Five Businesses You Can Start From Home

One of the characteristics of modern work practices is that they are becoming more flexible with many options thanks to the development in technology and changes in attitude. It is easier to work from home, be your own boss and cut down on commuting if you are savvy about the work choices you make. It’s worth doing some research though, to make sure that you pick an area of work which is suitable for this lifestyle to maximize your chances of success. You don’t have to be a management maverick or Silicon Valley insider to start your own business, here are five jobs which can be undertaken from the comfort of your own home.


There has been a renaissance in crafts recently. Many talented, creative and practical people may be able to turn their hand to develop a home business selling crafted products, such as candles, home decorations, jewellery, organic produce and so on. The internet makes this easy for you too – websites such as enable these artisan entrepreneurs to sell their products online. For a relatively small fee, the website will allow you to market your wares and put customers in touch with you. As such, you can indulge your creative side and make money at the same time.


If you have a gift with words, why not invest in some serious blogging – this can provide a full-time income. It is always important to add valued and thoughtful content, so it’s worth focusing on an area of expertise. Think about blogging with online posts and columns and articles. You can make money by adding advertisements to your blog if you get a ‘pay-per-click’ account with a website like Google Adsense. You get paid every time a visitor clicks on one of them. Why not explore your options?

Book keeper

For those who are numerate and able to balance books, you might like to work from home by starting a bookkeeping business. Upfront costs would include software for accounting and a decent computer. You could market yourself to attract clients, perhaps targeting individuals or small businesses to begin with. It may also be worth thinking locally to start things off.


Many people make money out of their specialist knowledge by teaching and tutoring others. Depending on the willingness and computer-literacy of pupils, you can either work in your local area by traditional face-to-face meetings, or alternatively have online tutorials over the internet. It’s worth networking with communities and schools to advertise.


Gone are the days when businesses are dependent on advertising physically – be flexible and start you own eBay store if you have a nose for a bargain at consignment auctions and shops. Make a profit by selling online via eBay. You can choose how you want to present the goods, either in auctions, at a fixed price or by way of inventory format. eBay is a huge platform to showcase your goods to an enormous spectrum of online purchasers. It also provides the mechanisms for payment processing through PayPal.