ways to manage cancer pain

Cancer is a leading killer disease. When a cancer patient feels pain, it could be resulting from the cancer growing and destroying surrounding tissues. As the tumor grows, it presses on your organs, bones, and nerves. A cancer patient will also feel pain when the tumor releases pain-causing chemicals. The pain could be described in different forms. A patient can feel a tingling, burning, a dull-aching pain, or a sensation of pressure. Unlike other illness symptoms that come and go, cancer pain is characterized by constant symptoms that gradually worsen over time. Do not experience severe pains when Austin cancer pain experts can offer you highly customized treatment plans to relieve you from excruciating pain.

What causes cancer pain?

Apart from the tumor causing pain by pressing onto your bones or nerves, the pain could also result from various cancer treatments with painful side effects. As a patient, you are most likely to feel pain after surgery to remove the tumor. In some cases, surgical pain can outlast the recovery period. Cancer pain is also caused when you have to undergo surgery to remove the affected surrounding tissues or a part of your body to prevent cancer from spreading. Additionally, chemotherapy and radiation could also cause pain. Other pains caused by cancer treatments include:

  •         Mouth or throat sores
  •         Radiation injuries like radiation mucositis
  •         Peripheral neuropathy

How is the cancer pain relieved?

Though cancer treatments can cause you pain, you can be helped to relieve it. Easing the pain will help you remain strong through the battle, making you feel stronger, better, and capable of winning the fight. Opioids have been proven to relieve cancer pain effectively. Most cancers are incurable, and your doctor will only try to fight the battle with minimal pain and discomfort.

How do you manage cancer pain?

Health professionals at Republic Spine & Pain offer their cancer patients customized, multidisciplinary treatment plans for their patients depending on their pain and general health. The professionals at the facility offer various treatment plans to enhance your well-being. Therefore, you could benefit from:

  •         Nerve blocks
  •         Radiofrequency ablation
  •         Spinal cord stimulator
  •         Intrathecal injections
  •         Medication management

Your doctor could also implant a pain pump to help you regulate your pain medication. He could also recommend complementary therapies like acupuncture, yoga, or massage to help in pain relief.

What are the common signs and symptoms you should watch out for?

Though they could appear, the signs are often ignored on the onset of the tumor, you should visit your doctor when you notice the following signs:

  •         A thickening lump on any part of your body
  •         A spot or sore that does not heal
  •         Discharge or unusual bleeding from any part of your body
  •         A persistent cough that does not go away or hoarseness
  •         Change in bladder and bowel patterns
  •         Unnecessary weight loss
  •         Pain and fever
  •         Fatigue

Do not suffer through cancer pain when you can relieve your pain and promote your general well-being. For your cancer pain relief, contact the professionals at Republic Spine & Pain by making an online appointment today.