Caring & Compassionate Care with Neck Pain Specialists in New Jersey

Neck pain can be tough to deal with as it’s often associated with shoulder pain, headaches, and inability to move one’s neck properly. Expert physicians Steven Ferrer, MD, and Kevin McElroy, DO provide cutting-edge solutions for neck pain in Ramsey, New Jersey, at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine. Sometimes, neck pain may affect one’s thinking ability. If you seek non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical treatment options that offer lasting relief, call Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine or go online to schedule a consultation.

What Are the Causes of Neck Pain?

Neck pain stems from various factors, including arthritis, poor posture, cervical spondylosis, emotional stress, TMJ, trauma or injury from accidents, or continuously overworking one’s shoulder. With aging and many other particular factors, one’s joints may become worn out and painful with time.

Whiplash is one of the most prevalent causes of neck pain, which is typically associated with car accidents. Whiplash generally occurs when the neck is suddenly moved into an abnormal position. Often, neck pain stems from overworking the muscles or inflammation of the ligaments, bones, tendons, or muscles in the neck and surrounding areas.

If your neck pain results from a muscle strain or tension, it can be relieved in a few days. For chronic pain, it can last for a couple of weeks or more.

How to Diagnose Neck Pain

For an extensive diagnosis of your neck pain, the providers at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine begin by discussing one’s family history, medical history, and the prevailing symptoms.

If necessary, your specialist may recommend testing or imaging, such as bloodwork or X-rays, to determine the level of inflammation and other essential aspects of your general health. These diagnostic procedures check for tenderness, muscle weakness, and numbness in your neck and shoulders. Your provider also evaluates one’s mobility, motion range, and how far you can move your head side to side, backward and forward.

What Are the Available Treatment Alternatives for Neck Pain?

Neck pain may respond to warm showers, particular exercises, massage, alternating ice and heat pack, soft neck collars, and many other supportive neck appliances, improving your stretching, watchful waiting, and posture.

Patients can benefit from a wide range of treatment options for neck pain at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, including rehabilitative exercise and physical therapy, athletic taping, hot or cold therapy, electric stimulation, acupuncture and electroacupuncture, osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT), bracing or splinting, regenerative medicine, such as stem cell therapy, steroid, and other joint injections.

If necessary, your doctor will recommend Botox injections and limited use of medicines, i.e., muscle relaxants. The practice aims to enhance one’s neck’s full functioning and offer lasting relief for neck pain and many other associated headaches. Schedule a consultation today.

In conclusion, Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine offers cutting-edge and innovative solutions for neck pain. Neck pain should not affect your overall life quality. The highly-skilled and experienced doctors at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine offer you the help you need. Call the practice or go online to schedule an appointment today.