Solve Vein Issues And Redefine How People Look At You

Veins help your body in many ways; however, sometimes, they might lose their original shapes, becoming a cosmetic issue. Prime Heart and Vascular offers many solutions to help you overcome any cosmetic issues in your veins. Get vein treatment in Frisco to have that peace of mind when accomplishing various activities and in the company of your friends. Dr. Rishin Shah, an experienced doctor in vascular issues, will help you eliminate any vein problems that make you uncomfortable.

What makes your veins more visible?

Two main issues cause your veins to come out of their natural skin position significantly. These issues include venous obstruction and chronic venous insufficiency. When your veins become visible, your self-esteem drops, making you depend on clothes to prevent others from looking at you. You might notice red or purple colors when you have significant vein problems.

·         Chronic Venous Obstruction

Scars and blockages can damage the valves in your veins. These blockages form a chronic venous obstruction that requires the attention of doctor Shah. Raptured valves or destroyed ones allow blood to flow backward, creating pools of blood.

Additionally, when you fail to visit your doctor sooner, the issue becomes more pronounced, making you: feel pain, have more visible veins, become restless in the legs, and have ankle swelling and neuropathy.

Issues that make you more susceptible to vein issues

The biggest cause of vein problems is aging. However, other circumstances that put you at risk of the problem include:

  •         Aging
  •         Childbirth
  •         Family history
  •         Hormones in females
  •         Genetics
  •         Obesity
  •         Tall height
Treatments needed to remedy vein issues

Prime Heart and Vascular employs various treatments to give your veins a rejuvenation. Some techniques use your medical profile and even current health status to treat your vein problems. Your doctor will make use of an ultra-scan, venography, or physical examination to provide the remedy needed.

After reading your medical history and deciding the type of treatment, Doctor Shah creates a treatment plan that fits with your issue for better results. Your doctor may recommend the following lines of treatments:

  •         Compression stockings

These will help relieve some symptoms of vein problems.

  •         Lifestyle changes

Making various changes to your lifestyle can help you improve vein problems. Your doctor may request you to walk more and change your diet. Dietary and lifestyle changes can compel the calf muscles to return the accumulated blood in the heart’s veins. Additionally, your doctor can advise against sitting down for long when overweight. Weight loss regimes can also help improve your situation.

  •         Sclerotherapy

The procedure relies on needles to block the spoiled veins to force the blood into the healthier veins.

  •         Microphlebectomy

This procedure targets the larger veins. Ideally, it begins with small incisions with special medical tools. Such incisions help your veins get rid of the accumulated blood over time.

Solve any vein problems with a certified procedure from Prime Heart and Vascular in Frisco. You will get all the help you need to return your veins to their former state. Call or make an appointment online to start your journey to healing.