Struggling to Lose Weight, Worry No More

Time to start that diet

Everyone desires to eat whatever they like and still maintain the same physique and weight. Unfortunately, it’s never the case. Poor diets and lifestyles usually lead to weight gain and diseases such as obesity. Weight loss is a process, and it’s a different experience for every individual. It requires hard work, commitment, focus, determination, and consistency for effective results, but to some, even with all that, it’s still challenging to achieve their ideal weight. Considering weight gain can increase the risk of some diseases, it’s important to live healthy lifestyles and get weight loss medical assistance. Nova Physician Wellness Center provides weight loss medicine to improve peoples’ lives. The Fairfax weight loss counseling specialists offer support and walk with you every step of your weight loss journey.

Nova Physician Wellness Center focuses on helping patients live healthy lifestyles, lose weight, and improve their health. With over decades of experience, they have excelled in providing quality and efficient care to patients and communities around Fairfax and Leesburg, Virginia. Led by Dr. Rohit Suri and Dr. Neema Chaudhary, the team at Nova Physician Wellness Center is dedicated to offering compassionate care in weight loss and obesity medicine to adults and children over 12 years to better their life’s quality. They are highly experienced, board-certified weight management and obesity medicine specialists, with general physicians’ experience providing top standard care to all their patients.

They take every individual case differently, offering customized treatments to meet their specific needs. Dr. Suri makes this possible by incorporating nutrition advice, exercises, and medical therapies to achieve your best results. They not only focus on your weight but also your overall wellness; hence, they also give preventive measures to help you lose weight, live healthily, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions. They use cutting-edge techniques for effective diagnoses and treatment for weight loss, including advanced testing such as complete bio-metabolic analysis with your medical exam. They are committed to helping patients live their best lives by offering long-term results.

They offer services such as:

Obesity treatment

Obesity increases your risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. At Nova Physician Wellness Center, Dr. Suri guides you through weight management programs to help reduce your weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Visit them today to learn about their obesity treatment program.

Medical weight loss

Excess weight and obesity are risks to your health. Nova Physician Wellness Center has experienced weight loss specialists that provide comprehensive care to help lose and manage your weight. Call to schedule your appointment.

Nutritional counseling

What you eat contributes to your weight loss or weight gain. Nova Physician Wellness Center educates patients about healthy eating and how it affects their weight. Visit them to learn more.

While weight loss can be hard, medical weight loss is usually successful and has long-lasting results. Nova Physicians Wellness Center provides comprehensive and compassionate weight loss and weight management care. They are highly experienced in obesity and weight loss medicine dedicated to helping patients achieve their desired physique and live their best lives. They also offer preventive medicine to lower their patients’ risks of cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes by helping them live healthy lifestyles and eating healthy diets. They are caring and offer personalized treatments to cater to individual needs. Achieve your best body figure today by visiting them in Fairfax and Leesburg, Virginia.