Enhance Your Beauty Through Skin Tightening

Every person likes to have beautiful and presentable skin. However, there are many conditions that would harm your skin, thus making it sag. Skin tightening is a technique that involves jerking your saggy skin. Skin tightening is classified into two categories which are surgical and non-surgical. Skin tightening can be done on both males and females. According to research, females undergo skin tightening more than men. It is vital to select a professional doctor before undergoing skin tightening services. Memphis aesthetic medical spa is a health care department that performs skin tightening procedures. Below are the major types of skin tightening.

Types of skin tightening available in health care centers

There are two types of skin tightening techniques. These techniques include surgical and non-surgical techniques. Before undergoing one of the mentioned skin tightening techniques, your doctor performs some examination and diagnosis. Once they are over, your doctor will decide the type of skin tightening to offer to you. For surgical skin tightening technique, it involves the removal of excess skin around the area of treatment. For instance, in face skin tightening, your doctor makes cuttings along the hairline or around the eyes. After the excess skin is removed, the remaining skin is concentrated at the hairline. Medication is applied to dress the wound made during incision.

On the other hand, you can undergo non-surgical skin tightening procedures. For non-surgical skin tightening, your doctor will restore protein pigment called collagen and elastin in your skin, responsible for enhancing skin structure. The restoration of collagen is done by the use of intense radiofrequency light, ultrasound therapy, and injection of medicines. Your doctor passes a device that produces intense light over your skin, thus restoring elastin and collagen protein pigment. The changes are seen on your skin after undergoing the tightening three times. Medicine can also be injected into your skin to promote the production of collagen. It is vital to take caution and follow the doctor’s steps to prevent side effects. Below are several things to do before undergoing face skin tightening.

What you should do before undergoing skin tightening

 There are a variety of things you should do before undergoing skin tightening. After examination, it is vital to wash your face regularly with disinfectant to get rid of germs and bacteria. You should not apply any type of lotion on your face for three days before surgery. It is also essential to protect your face from sunlight since sunlight may radioactively react with skin medication causing harm to your skin. Drinking a lot of water is very vital since water keeps your skin moist.

Skin tightening is a cosmetic technique that is used to enhance your beauty. Skin tightening can be done to enhance your saggy skin on your face, neck, stomach, and eyebrows. You can undergo surgical or non-surgical skin tightening according to your doctor’s advice. It is vital to seek a professional physician to avoid extreme side-effects.