How to Stay Safe from Acne

Acne is another name for pimples. It occurs after your skin pores become inflamed. Acne can occur in any part of the body, but it is more likely to appear on the face. Hormones known as androgens are responsible for the multiplication of pimples while others occur naturally, making it difficult to contain them. There are, however, strategies you can use to ensure you stay free from acne. In this article, we will discuss some. Check out Dr. William Long in New York for more skin remedies. 

How to stay safe from acne

Due to some pimple types occurring naturally, it might become difficult to handle them, but you will have clear and healthier skin with the following strategies.

  1. Wash your face well

Washing the face helps to eliminate stubborn oil and daily sweat; this prevents acne. However, it would help if you did not clean your face more than three times a day, which worsens the acne. Avoid cleaners that make your skin dry when washing your face. Put warm water in a cloth and introduce a cleaner, and rub your face gently.

  1. Enquire about your skin type

We are all prone to pimples, our skin type notwithstanding. People with oily skin are most affected by this condition; this is because the sebaceous gland produces excess oil. People with combination skin are also more likely to have acne. This is a situation where one has dry and oily skin. It would help to acknowledge your skin type so that you can purchase the correct skin products.

  1. Hydrate frequently

The body instructs the oil glands to produce more oil if you stay hydrated. Lack of a proper intake of water makes you have a dull countenance and enhances inflammation. You are advised to drink at least nine glasses of water daily. It is important to consume more water after working out or if you are lactating.

  1. Shun using makeup

You might find yourself getting tempted to utilize makeup to cover the acne. This, however, may lead to the clogging of pores and make them multiply. If you can stay natural, the better, but you can use makeup but in a limited way. You might trigger acne by the use of greasy oils and shampoo, so you should avoid them.

  1. Shelter yourself from the sun

You might decrease the number of pimples by staying out in the sun, but this is a temporary solution. It instead causes the recurrence of the acne later in a worse state. Your skin gets dehydrated after you expose it to the sun leading to the production of more oil. Put on sunscreen as it also helps prevent cancer.

  1. Take antibiotics

They help to lower inflammation and skin bacteria. You can have them prescribed to you by a medic. You can choose to either apply or take them orally. You will significantly lower your acne rates by taking them.


Acne or pimples mostly occur naturally, so you should not feel bad about having them. With the above strategies, you will stay clear of them. It would help to visit a doctor if it persists.