Steps to follow after car accident in Atlanta

Every year, a huge number auto accidents and car crashes are reported in Georgia. While some accidents are just incidental, others often involve things like reckless driving, drunk driving, and speeding. If you ever get involved in a car accident in Atlanta, following the right steps immediately after is important. One of the key steps is to call an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney for further guidance. Here are some quick facts worth knowing. 

  1. Get help. Make sure that you call 911 and seek emergency assistance. Don’t be fooled to believe that you don’t have to report an incident. Even if the police & emergency services don’t respond right away, you know that there is a detail of your call. Also, beware of drivers who try to talk you out from calling for help.
  2. Check if everyone is okay. If you are physically capable, you should check if others are okay. If medical emergency is apparent, try to get assistance at the earliest and don’t leave the site. 
  3. Take pictures. No matter who had a fault in the accident, you have to take pictures of the accident scene. Note down all the details of drivers, witnesses, and pedestrians around, if you can. 
  4. Call an attorney. Georgia is an at-fault state. This means that you have to inform your insurer, as well as the insurance company of the party at-fault. Make sure that you talk to an experienced attorney before you file the claim. You wouldn’t want a small mistake ruin your compensation claim. 
  5. Decide on course of action. In most cases, the insurance adjuster will do an investigation and determine fault, based on which a compensation offer may be made. Don’t be tempted to accept whatever is being offered. Your lawyer can guide you on various things, including the need for filing a personal injury lawsuit. 

Do not take blame

Even if you believe that you had a part role in the accident, talk to your attorney first and do not give a statement to the police. Avoid talking to the claims adjuster. Remember that insurance companies just want to reduce their financial liability, so they are not exactly on your side. Talk to an attorney you can trust and allow them to handle everything on your behalf. As needed, they can take things ahead with the insurer or file a personal injury lawsuit, depending on the circumstances.