Defying Aging Symptoms Through Mini Facelift at Scottsdale

Suppose one of your goals is seeing a Scottsdale mini face lift specialist at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery to reduce sagging skin on your lower face. In that case, you may probably be wondering what it involves and how you can prepare for it. While finding out its overall cost may be your significant concern, it is prudent to find out what to expect and how to ensure your speedy recovery.

What a mini facelift entails

A mini facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure whose primary goal is to eliminate saggy skin and excess skin to fight off aging symptoms such as wrinkles. A dermatologist raises the saggy skin on your lower face by making small incisions on your eyebrows, jawline, and cheeks.

Since a facelift is a type of invasive surgery, your cosmetic dermatologist will put you under local anesthesia to numb your skin. The tissues around your ears and hairline are the prime areas that your dermatologist targets when making incisions. To mark the end of your surgery, your doctor will use sutures to seal the incisions.

What to do before going for your mini facelift surgery

As is expected of cosmetic surgeries, a mini facelift involves making tiny incisions to your skin. Its overall success rate depends on a patient’s medical history and current health. Before scheduling your appointment for a mini facelift, do the following:

  1. Ask someone to accompany you for the visit

A facelift is like any other surgical procedure. That means you may experience a bit of weakness due to local anesthesia. This may cause your head to spin. Please ask someone to drive you in and out of the clinic.

  1. Tell your doctor about any medications you are currently taking

Certain medications may cause excess bleeding, delaying your healing process after your surgery. Always tell your doctor about any drugs or supplements to avoid developing future complications that could interfere with your facelift post-surgery results.

  1. Stop smoking

While quitting smoking can be a tough decision to make, it is the only solution to a successful facelift surgery. Your dermatologist may want to know if you smoke or take nicotine-based products. It is advisable to avoid it a month before your surgery to prevent instances of excessive bleeding or delayed healing.

  1. Go all-natural

Makeup and jewelry do not go well with any surgery. These two elements interfere with your skin’s composition, compromising your surgery results. When going for a mini facelift, go all-natural. Do not slow down your surgical process by wearing any makeup or ornament.

Are you ready for a mini facelift?

The decision on whether to go for a mini facelift or to try a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment depends on your preparedness and current health. A mini facelift will reduce sagging skin and remove unwanted skin, making you look and feel comfortable in your skin. Before seeing a cosmetic dermatologist, always ensure you avoid anything that may make your surgery unsuccessful. To learn more about mini facelift benefits, schedule an online consultation with your cosmetic dermatologist.