Improve Your Jawbone’s Quality and Quantity for a Successful Implant

A dental implant stands out as a highly effective replacement for missing teeth. For a successful implant, you need a healthy jawbone and enough bone for support. Perio & Implant Center of Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley offers bone grafting to make your implants stronger and durable. Dr. Jochen Pechak considers your specific needs to better your results. If you need Sunnyvale and or Monterey bone grafting, contact the practice to determine your eligibility for a bone graft.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a procedure performed to improve the quantity and quality of bone in your lower or upper jaw. Your dentist transplants a bone matrix from a sterile donor bank into your jawbone. The jawbone absorbs components of the donated bone to generate a more robust and sizable foundation that offers adequate support for your implant.

Am I Eligible for Bone Grafting?

Over the years, your jawbone degenerates and is absorbed into your body, with the risk growing bigger if you have missing teeth. A dental implant serves as an appropriate and strong substitute for missing teeth. If your jawbone lacks the quality and quantity required for an implant, you may be eligible for bone grafting to make your implants strong.

A bone graft makes your jawbone strong enough to hold the metal posts of your implant. Other dental restoration procedures like bridges, crowns, and conventional dentures may require cutting down neighboring teeth that may affect longevity in place of bone grafting.

What Happens During a Bone Graft?

If Dr. Pechak clears you for bone grafting, you are prepared for what’s to come. As your treatment commences, he administers a local anesthetic to numb the area receiving a bone graft. Dr. Pechak gets donor bone from a sterilized human bone bank combined with blood plasma for a highly essential graft attachment added to your jawbone.

After a bone graft, it’s best to abide by your after-care instructions in the coming months. While recovering, your bone graft fuses with the natural bone to provide adequate support for implants.

Recovery from Bone Grafting

After oral surgery, you should expect slight bruising, swelling, and minor bleeding in the area receiving a bone graft. Each platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injection speeds your healing process and improves your chances of making your implant more successful.

PRF stands out as one of the latest and most effective platelet-rich plasma therapies. A platelet-rich fibrin injection is extracted from healthy blood with rich healing factors. Each injection improves tissue growth and fast wound recovery to hasten your recovery after a bone graft and implant.

In the first days, you should protect the graft by eating liquid and soft foods. Your dentist gives you a detailed list of after-care instructions to make your bone graft surgery more effective. You can protect the graft and jawbone from further damage through lifestyle adjustments.

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Bottom Line

You may be ruled out as unqualified for a dental implant in case you have low bone quality and quantity. The Perio & Implant Center of Monterey Bay and the Silicon Valley restores the quality and amount of bone in your jaw(s). schedule a consultation online or call to book an appointment with Dr. Pechak for fully personalized results in a comfortable environment.