Fulfill the Dream of Raising Healthy Children

It is every couples’ joy to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. However, their expectations may not become a reality as many of them experience problems that lead to miscarriage. The experience is sad and disappointing and makes most of the couples lose hope along the way. Seeking professional medical care can help fulfill your dream of becoming a parent. Suppose you are worried of a miscarriage in Newport Beach, you need to be at peace as there is an expert team from the OC fertility clinic willing to help you out.

The clinic is one of the best in terms of fertility and pregnancy care. It has a team of skilled specialists in matters of monitoring pregnancies and eliminating any chance of miscarriage. They aim to provide compassionate care to help you conceive a healthy baby and fulfill your joy of parenthood.  Call to schedule your appointment with OC Fertility specialists.

What is miscarriage?

Miscarriage is when the pregnancy ends on its own before giving birth, also known as spontaneous abortion. Miscarriage occurs typically during the first three months of your pregnancy. Most miscarriages occur naturally without being triggered by you or your behavior.

What are the causes of miscarriages?

Most people think that actions done by the pregnant person cause miscarriage, but it is not the case. Some of the causes of miscarriage include;

  •   Diseases such as severe diabetes may increase chances of a miscarriage
  •   A fertilized egg that exhibits an abnormal number of chromosomal genes either is missing, or an extra is present
  •   Problem with the uterus or cervix
  •   Blighted ovum
  •   Molar pregnancy
  •   If you experience two or more consecutive you have a high chance of a miscarriage
  •   Advancing age increases chances of a miscarriage miscarriages

Types of miscarriages?

Miscarriages occur in different forms. They include;

  •   Missed miscarriage occurs without cramps or bleeding
  •   Complete miscarriage occurs when all the pregnancy tissues come out of the uterus
  •   Incomplete miscarriage, some pregnancy tissues are left inside the uterus and may need to be removed
  •   Inevitable miscarriage occurs where you experience excessive bleeding during pregnancy
  •   Threatened miscarriage

How to prevent miscarriage

If you have a preexisting condition that would lead to miscarriage or have had a history of miscarriage, at OC Fertility, the team works with you to protect your health and that of your baby. They provide first-trimester pregnancy monitoring to support you in the early stage of your pregnancy since miscarriage occurs during this stage. The specialist encourages you to visit the facility often. At each appointment, the doctor performs tests such as ultrasound and blood tests to ensure that the pregnancy exhibits the required progress. The OC Fertility team also provides an alternative solution whereby they use in vitro fertilization to perform pre-implantation genetic testing on your embryo before transferring it to your uterus, minimizing chances of miscarriage.

In conclusion, at OC Fertility, the team is determined to fulfill your desire to conceive without passing through challenges. They are highly skilled in matters to do with fertilization and pregnancy care. You can never be disappointed if you try their services. To access these services, visit them today.