Baking Pizzas Made Easy with Ooni Accessories Sold by BBQs 2u

BBQs 2u which was initially a small family business store selling grills and barbeque has now emerged as the market leader in the UK. Their amazing collection of Kamado Joe grills and Napoleon accessories ensures that everyone irrespective of their usability and grilling experience can enjoy the charcoal cooking experience.

While some of their products like Kamado Joe Kettle are perfect for packing and taking on an outdoor picnic day, others are best installed in the backyard for being able to cook for large family gatherings.

They request their customers to keep checking for Kamado Joe UK deals if they want to get their favorite product at discounted prices. Napoleon barbeques have always stood out from the other barbeques in the market because of the innovative designs that have been perfectly mastered and now with BBQs 2u, they are also available at competitive prices so that everyone can afford a grill for their backyard.

The Classic Joe III Kamado Joe grill has a hyperbolic smoke chamber that is inserted in the grill to provide cyclonic airflow. Thus, the heat control that is achieved inside the smoking chamber perfectly cooks the meats providing perfect smoky flavor and texture to the meals. The cooking surface is divided into 3-tiers so that different foods can be cooked at the same time to prevent delays.

Also, the 3-tiering system provides varied cooking temperatures. Vegetables can be kept in the uppermost compartments for they require the least amount of heat to get roasted and roast meat occupies the lowermost rack.

All those people, whose grill requirement is mostly restricted to baking pizza and roasting some vegetables or meat on the side, can opt for their Ooni Koda Pizza Oven range. Ooni Koda 12 Deal can be availed during seasonal or festive offers from their website.

It is a gas-powered oven that functions with propane gas and has heat retentive properties for the fast cooking of stone-baked pizzas. The width of the stone baking board is thirteen and half-inch and 12” pizzas can be easily cooked at any time in the oven. For the use of technology and innovation, this Ooni Koda has also won the Vesta prize in the year 2019.

It is a lightweight and portable oven that fits absolutely any outdoor space and can provide steady cooking temperatures irrespective of outside temperature and weather conditions. The pizza oven comes with an extended 3-year warranty for registered Ooni customers and also a buy-back guarantee for issues with the functionalities of the oven when reported within 60 days of purchase.

BBQs 2u’s Instagram page also provides a detailed description of various Kamado Joe grills and pizza ovens sold by them. Apart from the grills, Kamado Joe merchandise is also available for sale which the proud owners of Kamado grills can flaunt when they host a party in their backyards. It is a true example of, “when passion meets style.”

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