Reasons Why Women Should Consider Freezing Their Eggs at an Early Age in Hoboken

Children are gifts from God and only women have this superpower to give birth to a child. Earlier, women had to sacrifice their careers and prioritize pregnancy. This was because women reach peak fertility when they are in their teens and early twenties. That is the time when they are either studying or at the initial stage of developing their career. However, due to advanced technology, women now have the power to freeze their eggs and choose the right timing to have a child. 

Egg freezing is a technique of extracting eggs from your ovaries and freezing them. Later, when you are ready, you can choose to implant them in your uterus after fertilizing with the sperm in the lab. Egg freezing and implantation is a very sensitive procedure, which one should follow with utmost care. 

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Experts say that a woman harvests a large number and high-quality eggs during her early twenties. Therefore, it is the best time to consider egg freezing. 

Reasons to Consider Egg Freezing:  

  • Limited egg supply- Women are born with millions of eggs, which reduces over time. In the early twenties, your pregnancy rate is high with almost 25% each month. By the time you reach your 30’s, the pregnancy rate decreases to 15%. The pregnancy rate reaches just 5% each month when you enter your 40’s. Therefore, extracting your eggs at an early age and freezing them for the future is always beneficial. 
  • Quality of the egg- Along with the egg count, the quality of eggs also declines with age. Therefore, you can consider freezing your eggs when you harvest the best quality. 
  • No need to sacrifice your career- When you go for egg freezing, you secure your pregnancy for the future. That means, you can focus on your career and other professional goals at present, and later when you are ready, you can enjoy motherhood. 
  • Reduces the burden- Every woman is under pressure regarding her biological clock. Egg freezing reduces fertility anxiety, as you do not have to worry about your declining fertility. 
  • Time to find the right partner- Egg freezing gives you time to choose your partner without worrying about your biological clock. 

Egg freezing has the same benefits for every woman. Therefore, by freezing your eggs at an early age, you can secure your present as well as your future.