Everything You Need To Know About Gynecologic Robotic Surgery: The Latest Innovation In Gynecology

How many of you have heard of robotic surgery? There are not many who are fully aware of robotic surgery and the wonders that it can do in the field of Medical Science, even though the technology dates back to the 1980s. Robotic surgery is very helpful in all fields of medicine including gynecology. If you are a woman from Las Vegas and are in need of gynecological surgery, you should consult Summerlin robotic gynecological surgeon for less invasive surgery.

Let’s have a look at the answers to the questions that might come to your mind.

What is robotic gynecologic surgery?

Doctors have started using robotic surgery in the field of gynecology, this latest technique allows the surgeon to do minimally invasive surgery. The science behind this technology is a robotic system that is controlled by a gynecological surgeon and uses miniature instruments to perform surgeries on a woman’s reproductive organs.

This type of surgery is very different from your normal open surgeries because unlike normal surgeries the robotic surgery doesn’t require long incisions to be performed. These surgeries have a lot of qualities that make patients tilt in their favor as opposed to normal surgery.

What are the benefits that come with it?

  • The best thing about gynecologic robotic surgery is that it is less invasive than open or laparoscopic surgery.
  • As there is no long incision needed, the surgery doesn’t leave big scars.
  • Since the tools used are microscopic, it can help in a more precise surgery.
  • Blood loss in the process is very less and thus the need for transfusions is reduced a lot.
  • The healing process after surgery is very less and so is the pain and discomfort which comes after operations.
  • Infection is also low when it comes to robotically performed surgeries.
  • Since the recovery is fast you don’t even have to stay in the hospital for long periods.

Some myths surrounding robotic surgery

Before wrapping it up, here are some myths that exist regarding this topic.

  • The biggest myth is that a robot performs the surgery, however, this is absolutely a true surgeon who performs the surgery robot part of it is just the tool.
  • The robot can malfunction in the process of the surgery and risk the patient’s life; gain from the truth The Robot is built with ample amount of safety features and goes through a proper maintenance exam before every procedure.