Major Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Gone are the days when people had no idea about the different things that went wrong inside their body; there were no terms, no diagnoses and no medicines for certain pain. However, thanks to the development in Science, inventions of medicines and discoveries of proper treatments, people have started searching for even carpal tunnel syndrome in Houstona term which they were never aware of in the olden times.

Before we understand the different symptoms of this syndrome, it is important for you to know what it means. When you feel numbness or a peculiar tingling sensation in the arm as well as the hand, there is a nerve that’s pinched in the wrist. This entire problem is called the carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Now that you are aware of the term, you might want to learn about its major symptoms. Let’s discuss these at length and understand where we stand. Here’s a list that revolves around the same:

  • Mild to severe pain in the hand at night – The sleep quality of people with carpal tunnel syndrome is poor. At first, the pain may be mild. However, at a severe stage, the pain is so high that it disrupts the sleep to a major extent, leaving the patient restless.
  • Pinning sensations all throughout the day – At first, there are only a few episodes of needling and pinning sensations. Most of the time, a person ignores such sensations because they are too mild or are not often. The problem is when the episodes are frequent and irritating.
  • Painful sensation or episodes in the wrist, arm or forearm area – Such painful sensations can be anywhere from tolerable to intolerable. Before it transforms into a prolonged problem, one must get the pain checked from the doctor and start with medicines, immediately. 
  • Weakness in the wrist – The patient with this syndrome feels the bone might break anytime. He feels like the bone has become extremely brittle and complains about weakness in one or several parts of the hands.
  • Dropping of objects as the hand feels weak – Sometimes, there is so much weakness in the hand area that the objects start dropping due to loss of grip. This is one of the most extreme symptoms of this syndrome.

If you have been experiencing the above symptoms, visiting a doctor is highly recommended, even if the symptoms are mild. If this syndrome is caught at an early stage, relieving yourself from it is easier.