What Are the Steps of Getting Dentures?

Dentures are custom-made teeth appliances that are used when one loses their natural teeth. These devices are specifically important for patients with cracked or chipped teeth and can help restore the integrity of your smile. The process of getting dentures in Delray Beach involves several separate visits to a dentist, including:

  •         In the First Visit, Your Doctor Will Take Impressions of Your Teeth

Your doctor must take both upper and lower impressions, even if you will only require one denture. The upper and lower teeth impression will give your doctor complete information about the state of your mouth and your teeth.

  •         In the Second Visit, Your Doctor Will Make More Impressions of Your Teeth

Although your doctor will have taken impressions from your first visit, your second visit will involve taking impressions in your customized special tray. Furthermore, your doctor will perform a wax bite, which means that they will place wax inside your mouth and ask you to bite your teeth together. Your care provider may need to heat the wax lightly to soften it and make sure that they have your bite correct so that when it is time for the trying stage, you will be able to try your dentures and hopefully have the proper bite for you.

  •         During the Try-in Visit, You Will Have a Wax Mock-up of Your Teeth

These devices are not your final dentures, but it is a wax try-in so that they can try your dentures in and make sure that you are comfortable wearing it if you are happy with your bite and the tooth color. If there is anything that you would like to change about your dentures, this is the perfect time to let your dentist know because since it is still in wax, they can adjust anything to suit your preference.

Make sure that you are comfortable biting your teeth together. There should not be anything that is hurting or pinching with the wax mock-up in place. Your back teeth should not feel awkward or out of place. Your dentist will ask you to look in a mirror and make sure that you are happy with its looks.

  •         The Last Visit Involves Fitting in Your Dentures

It would be best if you were comfortable taking the dentures in and out. Most importantly, you should be satisfied with them in place, especially upon biting your teeth together.

What Are Some Key Instructions for Your Dentures?

  •         Please make sure that you take your dentures out at night time. Do not go to sleep in them because if you leave them out. It gives your skin time to breathe from the inside.
  •         Make sure you give your dentures a nice brush. You do not necessarily have to use toothpaste or a hard-bristled toothbrush. Dentures are plastic, and thus you can use denture soap to clean, making sure to remove any bits of food around it, then leave it in a solution overnight.
  •         You must make sure that you take care of your own teeth as well. Therefore, continue flossing and brushing your teeth regularly.
  •         Visit our doctor after a couple of weeks of getting your dentures for a review to make sure that everything is okay. New dentures will take you a while to get used to, and you might find that there are areas that pinch initially. Talk to your doctor about any discomfort you might be having or if you develop any ulcers before you continue wearing them to ease the areas that are sore for you.

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