Women’s Health; The Key Factors

Did you know that 13% of women aged 18 and above are in poor health? Different factors contribute to their poor health, including diet, physical activity, and mental wellness. Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle, attending your regular well-woman exams can help improve your health.

OBGYN in Fairfax is at its best at a practice that offers comprehensive women’s care to enhance their health and promote their life quality. Capital Women’s Care focuses on providing effective and customized care for women in a safe and conducive environment. Call their office today to learn more.

Here are among the services that you expect to get at Capital Women’s Care.

Birth control

Birth control is a vital topic to every woman as it helps you control when to become pregnant. It is efficient as it allows women to get pregnant only when they are ready. Capital Women’s Care offers various birth control options, depending on your lifestyle and desire.

Your provider usually offers the methods that best match your concerns. Birth control methods work in various ways, including preventing the sperm from reaching the egg, ovaries from releasing eggs, and fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.

They include:

  •         Barrier birth control methods, such as sponges, cervical caps, condoms, and diaphragms
  •         Natural family planning
  •         Hormonal birth control, such as implants, birth control pills, patches, and intrauterine devices

Well-woman exam

A well-woman exam is a form of preventative care for women that involves annual check-up to enhance a woman’s health. The check-up allows the detection of any health problems and provides early treatments.

A well-woman exam at Capital Women’s Care involves:

  •         Taking your height and weight measurements
  •         Documenting your health habits and assessing your family medical history
  •         Checking your blood pressure and temperature
  •         Performing tests including breast and pelvic exams, pap smear
  •         Working with you to set health goals

A well-woman exam also provides a chance to build a good relationship with your provider, ask questions about your health, and make better health decisions.

Pregnancy care

Pregnancy needs comprehensive care every step of the way to ensure the health and safety of the mother and child. The providers at Capital Women’s Care are ready to walk with you every step of your pregnancy. They provide you with the needed pregnancy care to meet every mother’s expectations.

Pregnancy care at Capital Women’s Care include:

  •         Ultrasound services
  •         Genetic testings
  •         Laboratory services
  •         Birthing classes
  •         Customized prenatal care

The team at Capital Women’s Care continues to support women even after giving birth, including answering your questions and enhancing the baby’s health.

Gynecological care

Gynecological care involves the detection, diagnosis, and screening of women’s health conditions. Regular gynecological care is essential in preventing diseases and enhancing early treatment.

Gynecology services at Capital Women’s Care include:

  •         Family planning
  •         Pap smears
  •         STD screening and treatment
  •         Well-woman exams
  •         Menopause symptom treatment
  •         Hormone therapy
  •         Contraception management
  •         Chronic disease screening
  •         Minimally invasive gynecological procedures

During your gynecological appointment, your provider may provide treatments, including minimally invasive surgery, for various gynecological issues such as:

  •         Uterine fibroids
  •         Heavy menstrual bleeding
  •         Cysts
  •         Cancer
  •         Pelvic pain
  •         Urinary incontinence

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Regarding women’s health, more effort is necessary to promote their living, including healthy diets, regular exercise, and mental health wellness. The regular well-woman exam may also help improve their quality of life. Contact Capital Women’s Care to schedule your consultation.