Correct Drooping Eyelids with Professional Eye Brow Lift

Eyebrows are among the most outstanding features on your face. Besides outlining your eyes, they also express emotions and show facial expressions. Eyebrows are prone to drooping with age. Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, is the leading provider for Scarsdale brow lift services. Contact the offices today to realize a more youthful look with guaranteed natural-looking results.

What is a Brow Lift?

As you age, your eyebrows may begin to droop. This transformation results in an unwanted, worn-out appearance. A brow lift refers to a surgical procedure that may restore your youthful appearance by reducing the existence of creases between your eyebrows and forehead lines.

Generally, a brow lift results in significant improvements in opening the eyes and relieving the weight of the brows on your eyelids. The treatment results in a subtle, well-rested look, rather than surprise or deer in headlights! A brow lift can be performed alongside eyelid blepharoplasty surgery and a facelift. Like all facial surgery treatments, a brow lift needs to be customized for the patient to align with other dimensions and characteristics of the face.

Method of Performing a Brow Lift

A brow lift or forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure usually performed endoscopically via small scalp incisions. It is a surgical procedure commonly conducted under local anesthesia with sedation.

After making a few incisions beneath or behind your hairline, an endoscope is applied via a camera to study the tissues and muscles beneath the skin. Next, the forehead skin is lifted with the underlying tissues being removed or lifted to create target results. In this process, your eyebrows might be lifted to a higher position by temporary screws or sutures. By creating a natural, yet refreshed look, a brow lift addresses drooping eyelid complications and improves your overall appearance.

Brow Lift Benefits

You should look in the mirror and be pleased with what you see. This procedure allows you to alter where your eyebrows position themselves on your face. Its benefits include:

  •       Reduction in sagging upper eyelids
  •       Removal of excess skin from the face
  •       Restoring the natural arch in your eyebrows
  •       Reducing the appearance of crow’s feet

These wrinkles around your eyebrows reveal a lot about your age. However, eyebrow lift results can be incredibly natural-looking and can make you fall in love with your appearance once more.

What Can I Expect During My Recovery Process?

After your procedure, it normally takes ten days for initial recovery to commence, consisting of removing sutures. You may experience temporary swelling and bruising. You can cover these affected areas with makeup to conceal the temporary bruising. Other side effects include headaches or numbness.

Dr. Schwarcz, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, can deliver a youthful look of a refreshed face with natural results to defy the aging process.

Do Brow Lift Results Last Long?

Results of this surgery can last for a lifetime. However, the aging process will always continue. Like the rest of your body, your face will keep on getting older, so aging will likely begin to be visible again at some point.

Bottom Line

Do not hesitate to contact Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, for more information regarding the brow lift procedure. Book your consultation on the phone or online to determine your eligibility for this treatment.