Losing Weight with Lenox Medical Clinic

Weight loss has become a major problem in the 21st-century; resulting from the poor lifestyle changes and eating habits that many people have adopted. Cutting down on weight isn’t as easy as many think; it’s not a simple process that involves dietary changes and self exercises. Adopting a singular one-size-fits-all regime leads to failure, poor self-esteem, and worst of all, the probability of future weight gain. To get a guarantee of undergoing proper weight loss with near-zero implications, it’s advisable to seek assistance from well-trained and qualified practitioners.

For guaranteed weight loss in Chamblee, Lenox Medical Clinic offers a unique and personalized weight loss approach. Practitioner Sudha Challa, MD, offers a customized Medical Weight loss approach where she focuses on the patient from the moment they start their weight loss program until they successfully keep off weight even in the future.

Medical Weight Loss

At Lenox Medical Clinic, the Medical Weight loss program offered is usually personalized and customized to fulfill the client’s needs, goals, pre-existing medical conditions, and lifestyle. Practitioners at this facility (who include dietitians and medical staff) undertake professional supervision so as to ensure that you lose weight safely and maintain good health. This is achieved through several kinds of weight loss plans, including:

  •   Menu Planning
  •   Diet and Exercise Recommendations
  •   Counseling Support
  •   Appetite-Suppressant Medications

At Lenox Medical Clinic, they believe that everybody can lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle by seeking the proper assistance.

Treatments in Medical Weight Loss

Practitioners at Lenox Medical Spa. have undertaken extensive research and gained immense experience through working with different kinds of clients. This team has developed a combination of treatments, which include drug therapy, that is used by patients to reduce their weight while maintaining their overall body health significantly.

Diets and Nutrition provided for Weight Loss

When undertaking the weight loss routine provided by Lenox Medical Clinic, the patient is also given a specific dietary regimen that they have to follow to ensure that they lose weight within the set time frame. To ensure that the patient doesn’t give up, Lenox Medical Spa allocates each patient a dietitian to help discuss matters of nutrition, and also a counseling support group to keep them going.

Children’s Weight Loss Program

Due to the excessive consumption of fast foods, so many children have been affected by obesity and have become overweight. At Lenox Medical Clinic, they don’t just focus on adults only, but also on children and adolescents from ages 8-18 years old. At this institution, the focus is not to help them cut weight only but to help the children to grow while they are still aware of how nutrition and exercise impact their general health and well-being.

They develop a plan that will ensure that your children maintain a healthy and average weight up to adulthood. Help your kids have a normal life and know how to care for themselves even after you are gone.

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