The Importance of Virtual Medical Visits

As the world continues to develop technologically, it is easier to connect with anyone using social media. For this reason, health care providers have come up with a new way to provide their services. Telehealth is the use of virtual medical appointments to provide care to patients who cannot go for in-person visits. The doctors at Live Urgent Care accommodate virtual visits allowing you to access the care you need at the comfort of your home, which is not only effective but convenient.

Which medical conditions are suitable for virtual visits?

Sometimes virtual visits are the best option for patients, especially when they have contagious diseases. Receiving care from home can help control the spread of illnesses to other patients or care providers. There are many conditions that doctors can treat virtually. For example:

  •         Fevers
  •         Cold and flu
  •         Chronic pains
  •         Minor injuries
  •         Infections

Although virtual care can assist patients with physical health conditions, those with emotional issues like stress and anxiety can also consider connecting with a professional online who will provide the necessary support to help them get through their problems.

What to expect during a virtual visit with your doctor

Your doctor will try to make your appointment feel similar to a physical visit. The first step during virtual appointments is to inform your doctor of any symptoms and concerns. Your doctor will then conduct a visual assessment of the physical abnormalities to conclude a diagnosis. Sometimes your doctor may recommend that you visit the office to have an in-person test, for example, when they suspect a deeper problem that might need imaging tests for accurate diagnosis. However, in most cases, the virtual visit should be enough to address less pressing health concerns.

Managing chronic illness with telehealth

Telemedicine is an option for chronically ill patients seeking an effective and convenient way to manage their condition. Remote management of chronic diseases like blood pressure will require you to purchase necessary medical devices to help you measure crucial data like heart rate. Advancements in technology have created convenience because some of these devices can automatically upload data for your doctor to review. For this reason, your doctor will only need to monitor your symptoms remotely and adjust medications without you having to go for an in-person visit.

How to get started with virtual visits

Most of the time, you will need to download an app that allows video chat so that you can see and converse with your doctor. Some care providers will have a number you can call whenever there is an emergency to receive immediate care, like first aid techniques. You will need an electronic device, preferably a smartphone, and a stable network to establish a connection. Ensure that your environment is conducive before the call by eliminating any background noise that may interfere with your appointment. Also, have a pen and paper handy so that you take down any essential instructions your doctor provides.

Schedule an appointment with Live Urgent Care to receive a successful virtual visit that will address any of your medical concerns.