Why Do You Need Dental Implant Restoration?

Many people will experience tooth damage or loss at some point in their lives. This is especially common with seniors, where teeth are more likely to decay and break down over time. Dental implants are prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth. They work by becoming an extension of your jawbone, holding a replacement tooth or bridge in place. With the passage of time, the implant will fuse with your bone and require periodic maintenance to keep it healthy. You can smile more confidently and beautifully by undergoing a dental implant restoration in Glendale.

Dental implant restoration has become an increasingly popular option for people who want to replace missing teeth. It is unclear exactly why this is, but there are many benefits to the procedure that may contribute to its popularity. To start, it is a minimally invasive alternative to dentures and bridges, which means less time in the dentist’s chair. Secondly, dental implants are specially designed to look natural and blend in with your surroundings, which is another reason why they are so popular among patients.

Advantages of Dental Implants

A dental implant is really the best option for replacing missing teeth. It will replace them permanently and can be implanted with ease. They are durable, so they won’t break or chip easily, and work to restore your chewing ability. More importantly, they are natural looking!

There are many benefits of dental implants including their longevity and the high-quality results they produce. Dental implants have been used in dentistry for over 50 years and often provide a long-term solution to replace missing teeth. Compared to other treatments, such as bridges, dental implants have been shown to last significantly longer with less likelihood of needing additional surgery. In addition, dental implants can be custom-made or pre-fabricated and typically require little or no post-operative care.

Let us sum up the advantages of dental implants.

  • Prevents bone loss further
  • Functionally identical to the natural structure of human teeth
  • Durable 

The Process of Dental Implant Restoration

While dental implants are an option for many dental patients, the procedure is not without risks. The first step to getting a dental implant is having a prosthodontist create a custom-made titanium post made of a bone-like material that will act as the implant’s root. The post is then attached to the jawbone by screwing it into place. Once completed, this process can take up to six months to heal and set before any other procedures can be done.