How to Manage Your Arthritis with Exercise and Lifestyle Wellness Programs

Is it difficult for you to keep up with your everyday activities because of the stiffness and pain caused by your arthritis? Would you want to get to the bottom of the issue so you can return to doing what you enjoy? Have you been told that surgery is required? Do you require a second, unbiased opinion? Rui Mateus and the NY FITPROS staff of medical fitness specialists in New Rochelle, NY, could assist you. They provide holistic, non-drug alternatives to address your arthritis symptoms and pain through medically based exercise and lifestyle wellness routines. Arrange a meeting with a New Rochelle arthritis specialist today and book online to find out more.

Is Exercise as Efficient as Prescription Drugs for Arthritis?

In an era of rising medical costs, encouraging people to exercise and enhance their activity levels could be the definitive low-cost treatment for improving arthritis health outcomes. According to decades of research, it is often more beneficial than prescription medicine in treating and preventing osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other degenerative joint conditions.

If Exercise Is Medicine®, How Much Exercise Do You Require?

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Medical Association (AMA) have teamed up to launch the ‘Exercise is Medicine®’ campaign. Its objective is to make fitness evaluations, physical activity, and routine exercise a standard of patient care in clinical settings, as well as to link healthcare with evidence-based exercise regimens and specialists.

The medical exercise professionals at NY FITPROS use the current edition of ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Prescriptions. As a result, they follow important dose criteria and offer the most up-to-date suggestions for arthritis-specific activity. They also offer all of the necessary counsel and support for people to prioritize their health.

What Effect Does Medical Exercise Training Have On Your Arthritis?

Medical Exercise Training (MET) is centered on developing a safe, practical, protocol-based exercise regimen for patients with health conditions like arthritis. To address their patients’ medical demands MET promotes the following:

  •         Flexibility
  •         Strength
  •         Balance
  •         Functional conditioning
  •         Cardiovascular fitness
  •         Lifestyle education

Medical exercise professionals at NY FITPROS get comprehensive medical-based training to build individualized medical fitness regimens that match your body’s particular demands.

Is It Possible to Alleviate Your Arthritis Discomfort by Decreasing Weight?

When you have arthritis pain, which limits your movement, it is natural to have trouble shedding weight. Furthermore, excess body weight can exacerbate arthritis symptoms, creating a vicious cycle.

The experts at NY FITPROS recognize the link between arthritis-related inflammation and joint discomfort, the composition of your food, and your total weight. These weight-loss professionals employ a customized and evidence-based strategy for weight loss, taking into account the consequences of underlying health issues. They can create nutrition regimens to help you enhance your exercise training routine by reducing joint inflammation, such as:

  •         Medical Exercise Training
  •         Massage Therapy
  •         Yoga
  •         Corrective Exercise
  •         Stretching

Your provider will encourage you to enhance your joint stability, movement, and muscular strength while assisting you with your nutrition and dietary efforts.

Arthritis does not have to control how you live your life or lead to a deterioration in your fitness and health. To regain your wellness and start enjoying all that life has to offer, contact NY FITPROS through calling or schedule a consultation online.