When is the Right Time to See a Pain Management Specialist?

Pain management has taken a special place in the treatment of different kinds of pain. They may be associated with a medical condition, injury and other problems. It has also been observed that they do not fade away even after taking a lot of painkillers and medicines. Additionally, these drugs may cause severe side effects after prolonged use. Skilled and qualified pain management specialists such as Garen Gajian MD can make a great difference when it comes to managing your chronic pain. You should contact them in the following events:

Undergoing treatment for chronic diseases

If you are taking treatment for medical conditions like cancer, you may experience pain during radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other procedures. Sometimes, the pain is not easy to manage. The pain management specialists are able to create a plan according to your history, treatment procedure and your status at the moment. They work closely with the patient to understand the root cause of the problem and target it rather than prescribing painkillers to suppress the pain.

Chronic body pain

If you are experiencing body pain due to workload, stress and lifestyle, you can benefit from these specialists. They have expertise in dealing with reasons for pain in the most effective manner. Sometimes, you may feel pain in the spine, legs, knees and lower back that comes back after you stop taking painkillers. In such a case, a pain management specialist can help you with the therapies and exercises to give you relief from the pain.

Pain due to injuries

In many cases, you may experience pain due to sports injury or while performing exercises. Pain does not go away after taking the medicines. Muscle pain and sprains can be unbearable sometimes which need medical attention. A pain management specialist is the best person who can figure out the root cause of the pain and suggest the best way to deal with it. 

Unable to understand the cause of pain

If you have been dealing with pain for a long time and your primary care specialist is unable to figure out the exact cause, you should get in touch with a pain management specialist who can diagnose it by performing a series of tests. This way, you can get the right treatment and relief from chronic pain.

It is always a good idea to find the contact details of the pain management specialist from the internet.