November 2019


What are Bed Bugs and Where do they Live?

Bed bugs evoke the reaction on us the same way as cockroaches and ticks do, the urge to use a flamethrower. They are the most annoying bugs ever. They can also cause mental distress. For comprehending what causes bed bug infestation in the first place and how to avoid them, you need to learn what they are actually. Bedbug are oval, flat and reddish brown insects resembling the size of an apple seed. They don’t have wings, they don’t jump but they are pro at traveling. They can also adapt anywhere the humans live. They are pros at hiding and take up abode near their food source.

Difference Between a Cockroach and a Bed Bug

Although both are the most annoying bugs, but they have a few differences. Cockroaches are more of an equal opportunity offenders. They can eat anything they find on the floor like decayed food, scraps on the table, packaged food in your pantry. Due to this, these bugs are attracted by grime and dirty places. For these bugs, anything unsanitary means readily available food. This very concept of unsanitary was taken by the bed bugs who are choosier than the cockroaches. As a matter of fact, they hunt for only one thing, blood. Bed bugs are parasites unlike bed bugs. They can only live by sucking blood of humans and in rare cases, dogs and cats too. However, bed bugs are less durable than cockroaches. They are easy to kill or crush. Due to this, bed bugs prefer to feed themselves when the humans are asleep as this is when they cannot crush the bugs when they feel the bite.

Where do they live?

As they tend to bite a sleeping host, they are found where they are asleep. Hence, the name. they are mostly found in mattresses and headboard. As bed bugs are adaptable they can be found where a human is found the most.

Apart from homes, they can also be found at:

  1. Buses and bus stops
  2. Planes
  3. Trains
  4. Cruise liners
  5. Libraries
  6. Offices
  7. Daycares
  8. Schools, colleges, and universities
  9. Theaters
  10. Police stations
  11. Hotels

When the infestation is small, they come out at night and feed on the host. They can also live without the blood for many days if necessary. But they tend to eat often but can survive months at room temperature without a meal. As they are cold blooded, their metabolism slows when temperatures are low.

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Best Place To Have Hello Kitty Mala Broth In Singapore

Singapore has many dishes that you might have never heard of and would want to try out if given an opportunity. However, if there is one dish that nobody can ignore to try is Hello Kitty Mala Broth. Most food lovers in Singapore heard about it for the first time in 2018 when the spice world hot pot was launched here. Within a few weeks, it became the talk of the town.

Since then, many restaurants have tried to replicate this dish but couldn’t succeed. If you don’t want to take any risk, then go where it was originally launched.

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Gaining the best results out of stiff neck treatments

Looking for the right pain centre Singapore? It needs to be understood that neck pain is something that needs to be addressed at the very beginning itself instead of letting it to grow and develop into something that becomes quite tough to manage at a later point.

As far as neck pain and back pain in Singapore is concerned, there are plenty of options for treatment available before one but only a few treatment methods are in fact useful and helpful. Specialist Pain offers for the best sort of treatments for the condition and the most attractive aspect is that it addresses the root cause issue.

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The Importance of Product Packaging

You might not have considered it, but if you see a product with good packaging, there are a lot more chances to buy it. There are times you may have been enticed to purchase an item just because of the original product packaging box. A few organizations may have thought that their products and their presentation are a higher priority than to invest money in quality custom boxes. However, the item packaging can play a huge role in the success of your product sales. So you are not “throwing” your money into waste, you are investing in something that will bring you a lot of money and a lot of customers.


How an item is packaged might be what pulls in the customer to investigate the item as is sits on store racks. A lot of organizations are doing research on the color, size, structure, and other stuff that the buyers find attractive. And they are trying to make the packaging as beautiful as possible.


The primary role of item packaging is to shield the item from any additional damage dealt to it. Product Packaging not just shields the item during travel from the producer to the retailer, however it also prevents any damage while the product is on the shelves of the shop. So it’s a great thing to have packaging for your product.


Packaging also is essential for adding some of the information about your product. Outside packaging may contain a manual on the best way to use the item or make the item.

Encourages Purchase Decision

Packaging contains nutritional information and also ingredients about the item. This data can help the buyer decide if they need it or not. So if your product has ingredients, it is more likely to get bought.


The packaging can also separate one brand of item from another brand. Since the item packaging can contain organization names, logos, and the shading plan of the organization. It encourages buyers to distinguish the item as it sits among the challenge’s items on store racks. So it’s a great way to separate your product from the competition. And a lot of the competitors nowadays are battling with packaging. Who makes the better and most unique packaging wins. So that’s why you must consider some budget for packaging because it can help you in promoting your brand as well as protecting it at the same time.

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Keeping Your Puppy Safe – Pet Proofing at Home

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming a puppy into your home, they are full of fun and energy which rubs off on the family. As an owner of a new puppy, you should take steps to ensure they are safe and secure in their new surroundings. You’ve a lot of things to do to care for the new arrival, you’ll need to find an affordable insurance policy, a local vet, the right food and a doggy bed to sleep in. In addition, you’ll have to pet proof your property.

Keep Them Away from the Bin

From the moment your puppy arrives, they’ll be full of excitement and curiosity, you’ll find them all over the house exploring each and every corner. This is all fun and games until they get near the trash and start to make a mess. There are all sorts of interesting smells coming from the bin, that’s why puppies get so attracted to them. When you pet proof your home, make sure you keep the bins in an area they can’t access. There could be something inside that is toxic or they could swallow an object that blocks their airway.

Proper Electrical Cords

As mentioned before, your pup will be as adventurous as ever when they reach your home. They’ll want to check out every inch and that includes playing with electrical cords. You don’t want a young pup anywhere near a cable, charger or cord, so keep them up high, use covers or buy a deterrent spray. Here are some ways to keep your puppy away from dangerous electrical points.

  • Only Use Sockets Which are Protected
  • Give Them Toys to Keep Them Occupied
  • Never Leave Them Unsupervised

Messing with a socket or cord could lead to a nasty injury or even something more serious.

Provide Space

A new pup should have a space of their own, somewhere they can retreat to when they get tired and need a rest. Somewhere like a crate, a pen or a spot on the sofa is good, if you can get them used to a crate all the better. Once they feel comfortable, you’ll have less issues with them travelling or going to the vet.

Safely Store Medication

You’d be surprised at how many puppies die from ingesting human medication each year. It is one of the most common accidents that vets encounter. You should never leave medication or supplements on a countertop or on a table, safely store them in cabinets where your puppy can’t access them. It is also sensible to store pet medication in another area to yours; you don’t want to mix the two up.

The best way to ensure your new puppy is safe in your home is to take measures to secure the entire house. If they get sick or accidently get injured, it is also important to have pet insurance. Taking out a policy on a young dog gives you access to first-class medical attention in the event of an incident. You’ll also find it easier to purchase a cheaper policy when insuring a puppy.

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