What Big Tech is Looking for in an Educational Background – Northwestern Polytechnic University

Big tech has become a force to be reckoned with regarding lucrative career paths. As a result, many students are choosing degree programs at universities like Northwestern Polytechnic University that are centered on providing the skills and knowledge silicon valley is looking for. Here’s a list of some crucial skills you should have if you are looking to start a career in big tech:

1) Strong programming skills

This is a no-brainer. If you want to work in big tech, you need to be able to write code. In most cases, this means having strong skills in languages like Java and Python.

2) Familiarity with cloud computing technologies

The cloud is becoming increasingly important in the world of big tech, so it’s important to have a good understanding of how to use and deploy cloud-based applications and services.

3) Experience with big data technologies

Big data is everywhere in big tech, so it’s essential to be able to work with large data sets and use the latest big data tools and frameworks.

4) Knowledge of mobile app development

With most people now using smartphones, big tech employees need to be familiar with mobile app development. This includes designing and developing apps for different platforms like iOS and Android.

5) Strong communication skills

In order for big tech companies to succeed, they need talented employees who can write code and communicate effectively with other team members. So if you have excellent communication skills, this is a good characteristic to have when looking for employment.

6) Knowledge of cloud computing systems

As mentioned before, the cloud is becoming increasingly important in big tech companies. For this reason, it’s important to have a strong understanding of how different types of cloud-based infrastructures work and are deployed. Moreover, the ability to demonstrate knowledge here could be crucial in landing your dream job.

7) Experience with mobile app development products

With most people now using smartphones, big tech employees need to know how to design and develop apps for various platforms like iOS and Android. If you don’t have much experience developing apps, make sure you familiarize yourself with app development tools as soon as possible.

8) Familiarity with big data products

In order to work in big tech, you need to be familiar with big data products and technologies. This includes knowing how to use big data tools like Hadoop and Cassandra, as well as being able to process large data sets.

9) Ability to work with different types of code

As a big tech employee, you’ll likely be working with code written in a variety of programming languages. So it’s important to have the ability to read and write code and understand how it works.

10) Excellent problem-solving skills

In the world of big tech, you’re bound to run into problems from time to time. That’s why it’s important to have excellent problem-solving skills in order to solve these problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

11) Ability to work both independently and collaboratively

Working in big tech often requires you to take on a lot of responsibility, so it’s important to be able to work independently from time to time while also being able to collaborate with other members of your team.

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Where To Prepare People For The Work Of Ministry

Many people wrongly believe that a seminary degree, or any college degree for that matter, is the same as a religious seminary degree. In actuality, a seminary degree isn’t the same thing as a religious seminary degree. Unfortunately, some people get this wrong. A seminary degree typically is a four-year academic institutionally recognized by your state in which it is earned.

Most seminaries accredited by The American Academy of Religion (AAR) are affiliated with one church denomination. There are many independent seminary schools around the country. Most of these independent schools have developed their curriculum. A majority of churches use separate academic and church seminaries to train their pastors and church employees.

A seminary degree can be a tool to advance a person into a leadership position within their church. Pastors and church staff who obtain such degrees will be prepared to teach God’s truths to those under their tutelage. They will also be able to demonstrate what they learned from God in the Bible and elsewhere. In this role, they will play an essential role in the ongoing spiritual life of those who call upon them. For this reason, those desiring to become church leaders should seriously consider obtaining a seminary degree if one is in good standing with their religious community.

While there are numerous theological training and seminary institutions offering seminary degrees, not all provide equal education. Many seminary schools specialize in particular fields of study. For example, several seminaries and religious schools specialize in Biblical studies, while others focus on theology, religious studies, or the works of various Catholic priests. Some seminaries also do not specialize in any specific field of study, although they usually provide similar academic courses to those offered at more expensive private religious schools.

Conclusion: there are several reasons why attending a seminary specializing in one particular area of theology, such as Theology, or Biblical Studies, may be beneficial. First, those who are trained at such an institution will understand the Bible that will allow them to minister effectively to individuals who attend their local church. Second, many seminary graduates have been known to become top religious leaders in their local church communities. Also, many seminary graduates have taught at several respected theological colleges or universities. This has proven beneficial to individuals seeking to enter the clergy.

There are several types of seminary: Thematic, Joint, and Institutional. A Thematic seminary is the least expensive type of seminary and usually takes a year to complete. Students are taught the basics of Christian faith and scripture at this seminary level and other religious topics. Students in this type of seminary are also typically trained in applying theological arguments to explore different religious scenarios.

Joint seminary is the following most common kind of seminary degree, and it takes about two years to complete. During these two years, students are taught a variety of biblical topics that pertain to the theological training they are seeking. In this form of a seminary degree program, students are also taught the skills necessary to communicate effectively with those who attend their local church and that outside of their community. Institutional seminary can take up to five years to complete, depending on the school. Students at this level of study typically participate in either one or two seminary classes each semester.

Those who earn a Bachelors’s Degree in Theology and pastoral studies typically enter the professional world as licensed ministers of religion or as religious educators. They usually have powerful personal beliefs and values about life, including a deep longing to restore Christian unity. Because they have a strong sense of faith and a passionate desire for Biblical truth, these leaders are excellent teachers, counselors, and role models. Because their pastoral training has included a strong emphasis on the study of scriptural history and the development of sound doctrine, they are excellent candidates for teaching positions in the various seminary and religious schools across the United States. If you’re a young person ready to take on a challenging role as an elder in your church, or you’re just looking for a fresh view of Biblical truth, you might want to consider pursuing a Bachelors’s degree in Biblical Studies.

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What Are the Most Paramount Features Of TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, which is a well-known international certification. It is a qualification that allows you to teach the English language abroad. It also acts as an essential source to apply for teaching jobs at the international level. The increasing demand for English teachers makes now a perfect time to know about the TEFL, the salaries paid and accreditations, and other aspects. Below we have discussed some crucial points related to TEFL career.

What are the courses that you should join?

Length of the course. The correct course is selected based on the type and length of the course. Otherwise, it could become so hard for you to find the best course. So, the foremost thing to consider is the time that training gives you per day. If the course is for more hours a day, it will prepare a better CV for you.

The course length may differ, starting from a minimum of twenty hours extending up to more than two hundred hours. One hundred and twenty is the minimum length course that a person should opt for. It will give you an abundance of knowledge with various skills and confidence. You will be able to go for any job after completing the TEFL course.

Type of course. The type of course that you choose also matters a lot. If you already have experience teaching English or if you want to finish the course at your home only, you must go for a completely online course. There are various elements involved in this course that inspires the teachers to join the course with enthusiasm. It also provides you with the practical know-how of what is going on in the TEFL lesson.

Must have Visa. Before you come to a final decision regarding TEFL courses, you must check the visa requirement details thoroughly. Every country has its requirements based on its protocols. Even though a TEFL certificate is enough for you to teach abroad, but there are still more factors that you must determine. You can check the minutest details about the varying demand for visas in various countries to develop a solution.

Accreditation. Providers of TEFL courses make it compulsory to determine the accreditation. A reputed course provider might be expensive but will be genuine at most minuscule. If you go for a cheaper TEFL course as compared to others available in the market, inspect closely if some famous awarding organizations accredit it or not. Even a little accreditation can claim that any employers do not recognize the qualification. Sometimes you have to submit a tiny amount of money so that you can get the certificate.

Where are the TEFL courses found?

There are plenty of TEFL institutes that you can find online. Of course, you have to check all the details and the reviews of that particular course you will join. Even there are various job sites of TEFL that you can check.

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7 Tips To Score More In SSC CGL

The Staff Selection Commission is the conducting body for SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam and every year lakhs of candidates appear for this exam that has led to increased competition and pressure for the aspirants.

Due to this tough competition, the cutoff marks to make it to the SSC CGL Result have also seen a marginal increase. The main reason for this is that the number of applicants for the SSC CGL exam has seen a tremendous increase over the past years. Hence, it is imperative that aspirants keep themselves completely prepared to outshine the competition of the upcoming SSC CGL examination.

We have collated a few workable tricks that shall help candidates score good marks and increase their chances of making it to the final selection of Combined Graduate Level examination.

  • Analyse CGL syllabus – The first and foremost thing to do before commencing the preparation for any exam is to analyse the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus well helps to segregate the subjects and topics based on strong and weak areas in the syllabus and accordingly plan and start the preparation.
  • Devise a realistic study schedule – Aspirants of CGL exam must know that the syllabus of the exam is vast and comprehensive. Hence, to be able to complete the whole syllabus candidates need to work out a study plan or time table. The schedule should be such that all the subjects are allotted equal time for the preparation and there is time for breaks and rest too.
  • Gather best study materials to start the preparation – referring too many study materials and books for one topic is a fool’s parody. Aspirants should try and collect the best of the study materials available online and offline. This will help them ease their preparation and do away with the confusions that arise while referring more than one material.
  • Refer Previous Year Papers – To exactly know the type of questions asked in the CGL exam, a variety of questions that can be framed from a particular topic, the most and the least important topics of the syllabus, etc., candidates must refer the sample papers or previous year question papers of SSC CGL exam. One main factor to determine the cut off marks is the difficulty level of the examination which can be analysed only by comparing the previous year papers.
  • Analyse preparation regularly – mere reading through the study materials at hand won’t suffice the preparation of CGL exam. Aspirants need to test their preparation level at regular intervals. This can be done by taking Mock Tests regularly. Free Mock tests are available online, candidates can take one test each day to understand where they are making most mistakes and work on the topic accordingly. Giving mock tests will also boost the confidence of aspirants as it will be like a simulation of the actual exam.
  • Practice more to increase speed and accuracy – with the negative marking in SSC CGL exam candidates can not afford to lose a single mark for marking the wrong answer. The competitive exams demand increased speed and accuracy to complete the paper within the given time with maximum number of correct answers at the same time. More practise means more efficiency and accuracy will be gained and better exam-taking strategies as well.
  • Notes making and Revision – it is very important that while covering the topics aspirants jot down important points and facts and prepare self-made notes. Notes making help to retain things in memory for a longer period. Not just this, notes making is helpful to go through the relevant points in the last few days of preparation. The last few days to exam must be utilised to do the revision of all that was learnt. Revise important questions, formulae, shortcut tricks, etc., and do not pick any new topic for preparation.

With all these tips, keep calm and relaxed while taking the exam, you shall be able to score good marks in the SSC CGL. Besides, aspirants must keep track of the official website for the release of exam admit card. Candidates can check SSC CGL Admit card for relevant details and dates.

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Online Teaching Opportunities

There are a plenty of online teaching openings accessible to us. Indeed, the most extreme number of online courses that an individual can practically deal with relies upon your particular objectives. I have a companion who earned more than $260,000 in one year exclusively as an aide teacher. In any case, he was a compulsive worker who didn’t have an a very remarkable life outside of his work. The most extreme number of classes I educated at one time was 23. I didn’t appreciate the experience and didn’t decided to teach this number of courses once more. Along these lines, the quantity of classes you teach relies upon you. There are three principle factors that manage the quantity of courses you would teach at some random time. These are want, objectives, and association.

For me, teaching 15 to 17 courses a semester is adequate to accomplish my money related objectives. It is proportional to a sixty-hour week’s worth of work. Numerous individuals don’t wish to invest this much energy and exertion. They don’t want to acquire the salary that can be accomplished through teaching extra courses. Subordinate educators oftentimes don’t set fiscal objectives for themselves. They don’t search out extra teaching tasks. Rather they simply acknowledge courses when they are advertised. They don’t understand that their money related predetermination is in their grasp. As a subordinate teacher, it is critical to set objectives for yourself. At the point when you do, openings present themselves to you.

The key to online teaching achievement is association. Assembling schedules and setting standard working hours is a need. All aspects of your day ought to be sorted out so as to amplify your capacity to take care of business. The more productive you are, the less time it will take to teach the courses adequately. This will save more opportunity for relaxation exercises and will give a chance to teach extra courses on the off chance that you decide to do as such.

When you get in the swing of teaching courses online, you can create strategies to expand your proficiency. Be that as it may, at the outset you should focus on learning the framework, not on creating proficient strategies. This should be an agreeable and remunerating experience, not unadulterated drudgery.

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Science Education and Art Education: The Right Pair

After many years of touting the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ) educational programs, many teachers are finding that with the addition of an “A” –for ART– student learning will get STEAM! This latest knowledge of how students learn is altering science education with the addition of Art education into the mix. This integrated education approach is developing an established track record and being integrated into public, private and homeschool education.

At its beginning, the STEM bill approved over 150 million to assist students earn a bachelor’s levels and teaching credentials. Additionally, it provided millions in money to assist align school through grade 12 science and math curricula to higher prepare students for school.

Now years later, individuals are asking them questions like: How come science and math considered standalone modalities? Why have a lot of schools dropped Arts education using their curriculum?

For too lengthy, we’ve wrongly thought that Art and science education were separate disciplines that required different teaching methods. However, now we all know that Art and science, in addition to Math and Music are intrinsically related!

Educational researchers are recognizing that you should integrate all modalities into STEM training. By broadly utilizing an integrated education curriculum, students can see how science education is essential to facets of everyday existence. Integrated education also provides the chance legitimate-world use of the science and math education understanding.

Using Art because the glue that bonds these modalities shows students how form and performance are guiding concepts. Art isn’t just illustrative or decorative, but represents a crucial part of the entire process of inquiry, for example problem finding, problem-solving, and communication.

The fervor that propels individuals to stand out at mathematics and science education or engineering and art education are impelled through the same desire: the need to uncover the intricacies and sweetness in a person’s world and selected work. In addition, Art can also be built-into technologies for example engineering within the “form and performance” debate. Does form follow function or does function follow form? In either case the 2 are essentially linked. Cars really are a best example: In the Model-T Ford towards the latest concept vehicle, we view the evolution of technologies are just as much about appearance (form) from the product because it is about functionality.

Most of the fundamental concepts of form and performance are identical. Line, shape, color, structure/function relationships in addition to perspective, patterning, and sequencing would be the language of science and art education. Students create “a creative representation of the ideas and solutions is really a valuable method to make learning personal. This enables for any obvious knowledge of the underpinnings of science concepts and just how these concepts could be extrapolated to resolve existing problems. It has been established that students who formerly struggled in STEM courses are obtaining STEAM rapidly!

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Educational Salesman Jobs

Becoming an educational salesman could be a very fulfilling job for those who have a propensity toward academics and like to offer educational tools. Being an educational sales repetition, you are able to make an application for several jobs coast to coast because there are immense possibilities obtainable in the area. Selecting educational sales jobs like a career option can perform loads for the prospects because the sky’s the limit if you wish to soar greater in your job.

Find a job or work at home

With lots of federal money being pumped into education, it’s about time for selecting educational representative jobs like a career prospect. Being an educational sales repetition, you may be employed having a school supplies company or work individually at home or from your office anywhere coast to coast.

Marketing school or college books and academic appliances based on your work profile and the kind of educational institution you’re serving.

You have to be in contact with preschool teachers, junior high school or perhaps greater with respect to the kind of market you’re serving.

There’s lots of educational software which you may require to push into educational institutions which may participate your work. The best choice is always to take a look at places where one can equip having a degree or training to become ideal to do the job.

Software sales

In the end you need to include all relevant information inside your resume while trying to get the publish of the educational salesman. Being an educational software sales consultant you’ll have to hold workshops to boost understanding of your products making presentations inside your designated area.

You will find Business to business and B2E type so selling products and based upon your experience handling them, it is simple to take a look at job prospects at publishing businesses that hire educational sales people.

Additionally, it depends a great deal which among the educational products you’re enthusiastic about selling because it would also impact your work prospects being an educational sales repetition. There’s also lots of educational salesman job possibilities in federal publications that you should check out. It is simple nowadays as possible search for jobs on the internet and match all of them with your profile and mail your resume.

The pay is nice nowadays and also the sky’s the limit for performers who are able to stand out within their jobs. For those who have a knack for selling educational products, there’s no stopping you and also with increased money entering education nowadays, you’ll have a range of choices based on your educational qualifications, aptitude and experience being an educational salesman.

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The significance of Art Education for kids

Art education for kids had basically disappeared from most American schools. Many reasons exist with this phenomenon, some well-intentioned (although misguided) yet others simply unfortunate. Regardless of the waning exposure kids need to the humanities in school, science is constantly on the demonstrate the numerous advantages of arts-based learning beginning in a youthful age. If the way forward for education is constantly on the deny kids of contact with the humanities, it can be parents and caregivers to advocate for arts education while finding other ways to supply it.

The Altering Face of yankee Education

Several key developments in American education have nearly stripped art-related education from schools. The most typical reason reported is funding. An emphasis on standards has additionally been instrumental in lessening educational concentrate on the arts because of schools competing for top marks on testing. Because the economy gradually recovers in the economic turmoil from the last decade, schools in lots of states have started to rebound from the funding perspective. However, instead of restore arts programs, states and college districts are put a focus on strengthening STEM programs, instead of art-related learning initiatives.

Kinds of Art Education as well as their Benefits

Creativeness and innovation, both traits sought after by employers, are developed through arts-related learning. Creativeness brings about critical thinking, engagement and problem-solving. At each stage of the child’s existence, from early childhood through college, art-related exposure and learning continues to be proven to greatly improve physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Additionally to those proven benefits, arts-related education increases confidence in youngsters in addition to focus, perseverance and non-verbal communication. Children learn how to better handle constructive feedback and also to collaborate with other people. Finally, the humanities improve children’s dedication, self-discipline and accountability. All these skills directly influences children’s academic success too. The study reflects a powerful correlation between arts education and academic achievement.

The Push to help keep Children Balanced

Educational experts provide obvious strategies for an academic approach that comes with the humanities. The study leaves little question that children need arts education as part of an extensive and well-rounded education, and also to guarantee their future success in existence. Parents, caregivers along with other family people might help by promoting for additional art education programs inside your school district. Meanwhile, experts advise not awaiting school programs to reveal your children towards the arts. Dance, music, theater and also the visual arts are of equal importance and youngsters ought to be brought to all when they are young.

Private teachers can offer advantageous learning possibilities nevertheless the scientific studies are obvious that children derive considerably greater take advantage of group classes, training and programs. In case your community includes a children’s arts academy, enroll your children as soon as possible. There’s no anxiety about beginning them as well early and professional arts educators can tailor classes particularly to particular age bracket. Students with this degree of participation were four occasions more prone to take part in a science or math fair, win an award for writing an essay, or perhaps be famous for academic achievement. Parents will always be looking for methods to help their kids succeed. There is nothing more influential and fun than arts-related education.

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Educational Strategies for Government, Parents, Students and teachers


EDUCATION! A thing that animates my face whenever I listen to it. Based on Google, education is the procedure of facilitating learning, or even the purchase of understanding, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Well, in my experience, education may be the researching new ideas, places and also the world itself.

There’s an excellent distinction between being literate and being educated the opportunity to read has been literate while being educated is so that you can reason, to apply your capability to read to your benefit.

We make a list of sometimes, exactly why is education important, education is essential within our day-to-day activities, I strongly think that when you’re finished this short article, you could see the significance of education.

First of all, being educated constitutes a person happy. An informed person has little if any job insecurity, no inferiority complex because heOrshe could defend his/her word anywhere and anytime because of his well-organized understanding around the globe. Truly, education isn’t the answer to happiness, but it’s certainly the important thing to numerous other activities which combined efforts to give you happiness.

Also, being educated provides the will to help keep trying until you succeed. An uneducated person might have better intellectual and work capacity, but there is the lack of knowledge of multiple methods to achieve their set goals that is a hurdle.

Being educated also results in economic growth of the united states. Once the people of the nation are EDUCATED and never LITERATE, they’d certainly carve methods to be independent. Once the individuals a society are economically independent, it’ll function as a walking stone to combined productivity leading towards the economic growth of the united states in general. Countries like Russia, Canada, Japan, Israel and also the U . s . states happen to be rated the five most educated countries on the planet due to the percentage of people that visited school to the tertiary level but now you ask ,: could they be really educated?

An informed person could maintain evolution. You are able to only maintain evolution if you’re conscious of them. When i state evolution, I am talking about such things as Whatsapp. Imagine exactly what the world could be like without Whatsapp, Facebook, Nimbuzz, Skype, etc, since these types of designed to simplify existence.

Education makes a person logical. An uneducated person would see evolution being an evil machinery. Remember, being educated does not necessarily mean you cannot read or write, this means you cannot apply your literacy inside your day-to-day existence. I had been speaking to some lady within my area and she or he was saying that online stores like Jumia, Konga, etc would be the devil’s machinery. Imagine, performs this mean this individual can’t read or write, absolutely not, she will read however it means she’s uneducated. I needed to make time to remind her that online stores makes shopping simpler for any busy person as well as the other benefits mounted on it though it features its own disadvantages like fraud, only an uneducated person, actually, I do not mean an illiterate but an uneducated person that might be defrauded.

There are more benefits mounted on education, but I must drop my pen here.

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Degree Practicing an Education (Teaching) Career

The requirement for educational instructors is growing because the population keeps growing. Students can acquire a diploma in the area of education by signing up for certainly one of numerous degree schools and colleges. Degree practicing an education (teaching) career in the area of education can prepare students to operate in elementary schools, middle schools, senior high school, greater education programs, plus much more. By having an accredited degree in teaching students will gain the understanding and skills required to pursue a number of careers. Available levels in this subject contain a bachelor’s, masters and doctorates level degree. Students must hold no less than a bachelor’s degree to be able to be eligible for a entrance into an education training course.

Educational degree training programs are supplied to assist students get ready for the field of teaching. By having an accredited school or university students will gain the abilities to utilize children of every age group in addition to adults. Coursework will be different with respect to the program of enrollment and the amount of degree preferred by every individual student. Best in this subject are needed to review subjects like:






Psychology of Learning


…and much more. Some schools and college might also offer learning philosophy of education, social studies, music, physical education, teaching methods, and other associated course subjects.

Students who’re searching for that chance to initiate a job training course for any degree in education can perform so simply by entering a bachelor’s degree program. Most schools require that the associate’s degree be acquired just before signing up for an academic degree training course. Having a bachelors degree in this subject students can acquire the abilities needed to utilize a number of ages teaching numerous subjects. Teachers having a bachelor’s degree have many responsibilities when supplying an education to other people. Accredited schools and colleges will train students to supply educational instruction for their class in a number of ways. Students can acquire a masters or doctorates degree in education too.

By having an accredited masters or doctorates degree program students can get ready for a job supplying an education to other people. Education teaching programs only at that level give a more descriptive program of study for college students searching to focus on a particular part of the field. Having a masters or doctorates degree in education students will find employment focusing on areas like early childhood education, special education, physical education, studying, electives, plus much more. Masters and doctorates degree would be the greatest degree of levels available in this subject.

For more information visit Edu saver

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