The Basics of Shooting Fashion like Bruce Weber Photographer

Fashion photography is a lucrative calling but also incredibly complicated and nuanced. As a result, there are a million different ways to approach the genre and even more ways to fail. That’s why it’s essential to study the work of masters in the field like Bruce Weber Photographer, and learn from their techniques.

In this article, we will discuss how to shoot fashion in the style of the master Bruce Weber Photographer. In doing so, we will cover practical lessons from how he does it and broader suggestions on how to plan and execute a successful fashion shoot using his techniques.

Plan your work and work your plan

Bruce Weber’s shoots typically begin with extensive pre-production. As a result, he has a very clear idea of exactly what types of shots he wants to capture and the overall feel of the shoot. This allows him to be very precise in his execution and makes sure that no time is wasted while on set.

Pre-production also includes selecting the right team for the job. Weber typically works with a small, tight-knit team that he trusts implicitly. For example, he typically works with the same hairstylists, makeup artists, and location scouts.

Keep in mind that pre-production can be applied to other types of shoots as well, not just fashion! When planning any type of shoot, know exactly what shots are needed before you step foot on set. Don’t waste time trying to capture shots that you never planned for.

Use natural light

Weber is a huge proponent of using natural light in his photography. In many cases, he will choose to shoot outdoors in direct sunlight. This can be a challenge, but it results in beautiful, natural-looking photos.

When shooting indoors, he often uses large windows as his main source of light. This is a huge aspect of his style and adds to the overall feel of his shots.

If you’re in a pinch, try using your flash in conjunction with available light to add some supplemental lighting in difficult situations. If these two primary sources are still not enough for you, move on to another shoot! It’s better to go unprepared than to be under-equipped.

Break the rules

Weber’s work is an excellent example of how you can break traditional fashion photography standards and get away with it. He has crafted a specific visual style that feels modern while still maintaining authenticity with careful planning. By pushing himself outside of his comfort zone, he creates truly unique photos that stand out.

As you experiment with your own photography style, don’t be afraid to try things that may not have worked for other photographers in the past. Weber has proven that it is possible to break the rules and still create beautiful work. Don’t limit yourself!


Fashion photography can seem intimidating at first, but by studying the work of masters like Bruce Weber, you can learn how to shoot it your own way. As with any genre, the results are only as good as the planning that went into them. With proper pre-production and a well-thought-out plan, you’ll be able to capture professional-level images in no time.

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