January 2021


Quality Gynecology Services for Women by Women

Women’s conditions are numerous and demand careful consideration. Led by women for women, Suncoast Women’s Care is the trailblazer for Trinity Gynecology. Using the latest technological advancements, your specialists devote themselves to offering top-notch OB/GYN services to women from puberty and all through to menopause. Contact the specialists today to have the most of your gynecology care.

About Practice

Suncoast Women’s Care hosts a team of experts passionate about offering comprehensive OB/GYN care to women of all ages. At their location in Trinity, Florida, the practice strives to give patients exceptional women’s health services in a cozy environment giving you a feeling of value and respect.

Under the leadership of Wanda Torres, MD, FACOG, a skillful practitioner with over two decades of experience, the practice thrives in providing gynecology, obstetrics, and midwifery to all women. As an expert in innovative medical practices, Dr. Torres can provide leading-edge services such as robot-assisted gynecologic surgery and MonaLisa® therapy to enhance vaginal wellness.

New patients get to feel at home after interacting with specialists. The team seeks to empower and enlighten women to make informed choices concerning their health and is always available to respond to your questions and concerns.

Currently welcoming both new and existing patients, the practice accepts most major health insurance policies and is fluent in Spanish. Contact them to receive the outstanding care you deserve as a woman.

Available Services

Your dedicated providers at Suncoast Women’s Care offer a wide range of solutions to women’s problems. Gynecology services available at the practice include:

  •       Breast Cancer Screenings- As a woman, you need periodic breast cancer screenings to keep cancer at bay and realize your optimal health. If you seek breast cancer screening services from a top provider, contact Suncoast Women’s Care today.
  •       Annual Well-Woman Exams- It is crucial to undertake well-woman exams. This procedure addresses not only adverse health conditions but also useful in detecting impending health conditions. Your providers at Suncoast Women’s Care are skilled at these exams to keep you at your prime health.
  •       Minimally Invasive Surgery- Do you seek a minimally invasive procedure to realize your overall wellness objective? If so, you are in the appropriate place at the hands of Suncoast Women’s Care specialists. Your compassionate providers regularly conduct successful minimally invasive surgeries to address your health concerns.
  •       Vaginal Revitalization Specialist- Lax and dry vaginal tissue decrease your sexuality and overall life’s quality. Luckily, with a simple, non-invasive treatment option at Suncoast Women’s Care, you can regain control of your sex life. Contact the specialist for a vaginal revitalization procedure using Tempsure™ Vitalia.
  •       Contraception Specialist- Birth control is a sensitive topic demanding utmost deliberation. Your provider at Suncoast Women’s Care regularly educates women on contraception choices, providing you with an individualized approach to family planning.


Suncoast Women’s Care

2044 Trinity Oaks Blvd, Ste 215

Trinity, FL 34655

Phone: 727-230-9508

Fax: (727) 375-7308


Monday- 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tuesday- 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Wednesday- 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thursday- 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Fridays- 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

To have a deeper understanding of the range of comprehensive services available at Suncoast Women’s Care, contact the compassionate providers to learn how you can benefit from their methods. Call today or schedule an online appointment.

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Important Questions to Ask When Choosing the Ideal Fibroids Treatment

Research has shown that 70 to 80% of women develop fibroids by the time they hit 50 years, in the U.S only. The symptoms vary from one patient to the next. While some women experience little to no pain, some have to deal with unbearable discomfort, intense cramps, and prolonged bleeding during menstruation. Others experience constipation, constant bloating, and fatigue, which affect their productivity adversely. Being diagnosed with this condition can be intimidating. The good news, however, is that fibroid is not a death sentence, and with a trustworthy New York myomectomy specialist, you are assured of effective treatment procedures so you can get your life back.

However, the main challenge comes in selecting the most suitable treatment option, especially with so many options at your disposal. It is highly recommendable that you let the specialist guide you through the process after evaluating you and listening to your needs.

Here are some important questions when deciding the best fibroids treatment option for you.

What Will Happen if You Skip Treatment?

If you do not undergo fibroid treatment soon enough, the symptoms will persist. The pain could get worse and could even paralyze your everyday life entirely until you reach menopause. However, the condition varies from one woman to the next.

Do You Need to Undergo Treatment?

The answer to this question is yes. As earlier mentioned, fibroids will affect not only your health but also other aspects of your life. You can no longer enjoy life as you used to and you are not as productive as before. The quality of your life gets worse with time, and it is only best if you seek a remedy to the problem. Nonetheless, some patients do not need treatment but symptomatic relief. Let your doctor advise you on the best way forward.

Do You Qualify for Myomectomy?

Myomectomy is a surgical procedure that aims to remove the fibroids and rebuild the affected areas. The specialists may use robotic procedures to get rid of uterine fibroids completely. The best part about this treatment is that your uterus is left intact even after the surgery. This means that you may still be able to conceive in the future.

Nonetheless, not every fibroids patient qualifies for myomectomy. Your doctor will have to do a thorough assessment to establish if you are a viable candidate before getting started with the surgery.

Are there Non-Surgical Fibroids Treatment Options?

If you are not fit for undergoing myomectomy, your doctor will recommend other non-surgical treatments. This is especially if you only have mild symptoms. You may undergo Uterine fibroid embolization, an invasive procedure that aims to shrink the fibroids. If done correctly, the fibroids will die eventually. However, the success rate of UFE depends on the extent of the growth and how much they have spread.

Final Thoughts

The ideal fibroids treatment procedure depends on the extent of the fibroids and specific symptoms. You should let your doctor advise you on the best way after examination and assessment. Advanced Endometriosis Center is your go-to endometriosis specialist for myomectomy procedures and guidance. Contact the facility for more information.

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Compassionate & Comprehensive Pain Management with Hand and Wrist Pain Specialists in New Jersey

Many often do not realize how vital their hands are, especially when they are fully functional. Because one’s hands are involved in nearly everything one does, dealing with any form of hand or wrist pain can significantly affect mobility and functionality. Fortunately, the top-level pain specialists at Garden State Pain Control offer comprehensive treatment solutions for patients across New Jersey that are struggling with any form of hand and wrist pain. To schedule a consultation with a Jersey City hand and wrist pain specialist, call any of the facility’s four convenient office locations or book online.

What Are the Causes of Hand And Wrist Pain?

Hand and wrist pain may be caused by overuse, musculoskeletal disorder, acute trauma, improper use, or systemic disease. Fractures, strains, and sprains are typically common if the hands are used incorrectly or forcefully to raise or carry heavy objects, brace against falls, sporting activities, or operating machinery. A strain results when the muscle or tendon tears or stretches, whereas a sprain results from assertively twisted or stretched ligaments to the extent it causes swelling and pain.

A fracture occurs once the striking force exceeds the resistance posed by the bone. A hand and wrist fracture are extensively painful, thus calls for immediate medical attention. As for systemic diseases such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, they cause pain or discomfort.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) results from a compressed or pinched nerve in one’s wrist, usually affecting the dominant hand extensively. The early signs are numbness, intermitted tingling in the middle or index fingers, and the thumb. One might also experience discomfort or pain in the wrist, all the way to the palm and the arm.

Other prevalent CTS symptoms include wrist and hand pain, which causes disruptive sleeping patterns, and weak grip or impotence of grasping small objects. Patients may also realize continuous discomfort or pain, mainly during activities.

How to Diagnose Hand And Wrist Pain?

In most scenarios, the practitioners at Garden State Pain Control utilize ultrasound scans to diagnose and evaluate the condition of your tendons, ligaments, joints, and other necessary structures. This innovative technique involves a handheld probe, which dissipates high-frequency sound waves that illuminate the structure inside one’s hand and wrist. A computer receives the detailed images of the illuminated structure.

How To Treat Chronic Hand And Wrist Pain?

The expert physicians at Garden State Pain Control have vast experience analyzing hand and wrist conditions that result in swelling, tingling, numbness, or pain, and customize a practicable treatment plan. It’s crucial to treat repetitive hand and wrist pain soonest to alleviate the risk of extensive never damage.

The initially recommended treatments for chronic conditions such as arthritis or CTS might include receiving steroid injections, switching hand use patterns to rest the affected hand, and wearing a wrist-hand brace. To restore function, the Garden State Pain Control practitioners utilize platelet-rich plasma injections to reduce the pain, thus offering lasting relief.

That said, do not put up with pain. Regardless of the cause of the pain or where it’s situated in your body, you can access top-level pain management care at Garden State Pain Control. Call the office near you or go online to book an appointment. 

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Quality Cardiovascular Services from the Word’s Expert Cardiologist

Cardiovascular disease is fatal, with a high risk of death among many patients across the world. Many individuals are unable to detect its symptoms, increasing its fatality rate. The disease’s key risk factors include high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, smoking, and poor lifestyle habits, among others. How do you lower your risk of getting heart disease? As they say, prevention is better than cure; hence, it’s essential to do all it takes to save yourself from this challenging disease. Health check-ups, healthy lifestyles, and diets, physical exercises, among others, can all play a significant part in preventing this disease. Soffer Health Institute, led by Dr. Ariel Soffer in Aventura, specializes in providing comprehensive and outstanding cardiology care to enhance people’s quality of life.

Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC, is a board-certified cardiovascular disease and internal medicine specialist and a fellow of the American College of Cardiology. He serves patients in Soffer Health Institute with compassionate and extensive care, including diagnostic services, cardiovascular diseases, and vein care treatments. Dr. Soffer has the recognition of being the world’s expert in treating chronic cardiovascular conditions. With over ten years of experience, Dr. Soffer excels and dedicates his time to treating venous circulation disorders and varicose veins. He also creates awareness about circulatory issues among cardiologists, where he has published articles on vein conditions in medical journals.

To add to his experience, Dr. Soffer heads a venous training program for cardiologists and surgeons and lectures internationally on a variety of circulatory issues. He has a published book about mitral valve prolapse syndrome and continues to work on enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) as an alternative to bypass angioplasty surgery. He is highly educated and qualified in cardiology studies, including nuclear cardiology. He is among the first cardiologists to become proficient in laser treatments for vein issues. Also, he trains other cardiology specialists in laser ablation techniques. Patients have trust in him for the best excellent results. Soffer Health Institute offers services such as:

Leg circulation

Poor leg circulation may result from blood clots, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, among other conditions. Signs may include numbness and tingling distracting your mobility. At Soffer Health Institute, Dr. Soffer has experience in cardiovascular treatments and guarantees you the best outcome through effective diagnosis and treatments. Visit them today to learn more about their services.

Spider veins

They appear like threads in your legs. They may not be painful but are a sign of a vein issue. Soffer Health Institute provides comprehensive vein evaluations to determine the cause, relieve the pain, and eliminate the unappealing appearance. Call or book online for an appointment.

Soffer Health Institute focuses on providing excellent cardiovascular care to enhance good health and better health. Led by Dr. Soffer, they excel in offering quality care in Hialeah, Weston, and Aventura in Florida. With his highly skilled and dedicated team, they strive to offer the best-customized treatments that cater to individual health needs. They are friendly and caring to all their patients, treating them as part of their family. With a decade of experience, Dr. Soffer guarantees effective and best outcomes to all patients trusting him with his care. They also offer telemedicine services for the convenience of patients not able to come to their offices. Visit them today in any of your convenient locations for services you can trust.

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A fundamental guide for you to know how to do play online casino games

As it is gambling, no one can ever really predict the certain outcome as in if they are going to win or lose the game. And if we agree that you are playing sincerely, there would always be confusion. But there are still ways for you to win online casino games and for that, you need to be patient and open your mind to gather all the suggestions you can from experts.

The fear of losing online casino games will encourage you to grow your skills and make you a stronger player for future endeavors because no one would like to lose their money. There are several places for online gambling and several are legit sites. You can do thorough research to find out which online casinos will be legal and provide you the best experience when you will choose to play games like Judi Casino along with other casino or betting games.

We can read about helpful tips for online betting in this post.

Make a budget and save your money

If you want to place your bet in a game where you know that you are going to win anyway, make sure to divide the withdrawal money here. Also, it is recommended that you must always possess 3 tickets in your side at all times when you will place your bets.

You should not need to stress about when to leave if you find you have ample tickets. You’re not going to have to think about finances anymore. It is okay if you play until all your tickests are gone one by one.

Small jackpots should be preferred          

While playing online casino games like card games in a legit or major online casino site, make sure that you go for small jackpots. It will increase the winning chances of yours.

Go for small bets

If anyone ever tells you to go for larger bets, know that it will ruin your play. If you waste your money on major bets, you won’t be able to save either of them. so it is highly recommended that you go for small bets.

There is no regulation

Know that, in fact on casino betting, there is no regulation. You are wasting your time while you are waiting for a method to follow while playing games like Casino Online Terpercaya.. Only go with your feeling and train to strengthen your abilities by polishing your skills.

Management of time and capital

It is necessary that you schedule your gambling time and money before going to play the real casino games in return of real money.

Play free casino games

You would be able to learn a couple of rules by playing free games that are offered by your chosen gambling site before you enter the legitimate ones. Your capital would therefore not be at danger in this way.

Follow these above mentioned tips and win large money from a reputable online casino site.

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The most popular online gambling site for Singapore, Hong Kong, Toto Macau is the Bandar togel. It assures players maximum reliability and the transactions made on it are secured. The players also get to monitor results on the sites.

To have access to the varieties of the games available on the sites, you do not need multiple accounts for each game All you have to do is create a single account, with this one account you can play any game of your choice. The service also makes provision for players to play games at any time.

 The payment process is well protected using standard facilities such as MANDIRI, OCBC, NISP, PERMATA, PANIN, PERMATA, CIMB, BCA, BRI, And DANAMON. The transactions have various methods depending on which is most convenient for the player. The players can make transactions via E-wallets like; DOKU WALLET, PAYFAZZ, TCASH, SOBATKU, GOPAY, PAYPRO, DOMPETKU, JENIUS, XL TUNAI, and OVO. They also allow players to pay using their credit cards.

Asides from playing lottery games on these sites, you also have access to play slot games. The sites work hand in hand with professional game developers to provide players with exciting games. The players get a wide range of options from reels, jackpots, joker123 slot games, habanero, pragmatic games, e.t.c.

 These are all slot games that give the players bonuses and promos, so many benefits that are mouth-watering.


  The deposits are very affordable. You make deposits by selecting the most favorable method. The steps in registering are very quick and easy. Once you have entered the link to the site, there is a list of the menu where you can click on registration.

 After clicking on the registration button, you will be directed to fill in your details in the registration form. Ensure to fill in the right details in the blank spaces. Once you have filled it, take time to cross-check and correct any error. After submitting, you will need to wait a couple of minutes for your account to be verified. This does not take time at all. After verification, you can now log in to your account and play.


The Judi togelsites have a standby customer care service always available for the players. This is one of the factors that you should consider when selecting a site to play togel. Availability of customer care on a site shows that they know what they are doing. Also, check out for how prompt they are in their response to complaints and inquiries. A professional site should be friendly and polite when interacting with customers.


  A lot of great deals and offers are provided for both new members and old members. The new member 10%cashback bonus is a bonus where new players who just signed up receive a ten percent cashback bonus.

The lifetime referral bonus is earned when you have referred someone to a site and the person is very active on that site. The players get to earn a bonus for every game and bet that the referral places. This is totally different from the cashback bonus you earn for every new member you refer to a site.

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How to Choose the Best Slot Machine For You

There are many sites online that claim to offer the best slot machine on the web. Some of them claim to do so while others have no clue what they are talking about.


With so many slots available to play at a given time, it is important to choose one that has a good reputation. To help you out in this endeavor, here is a simple guide to choosing a great slot online Indonesia casino for you to play with:


The first thing you need to look at is the type of payment options the site allows. The best sites allow all major credit cards and even PayPal to be used for registration. Be sure to check out if there are any hidden fees involved.


Also, before you make a selection, you should always check the site’s fraud protection measures so you know your information is safe from any potential scams.


Another important feature to look for is whether or not the slot machines at the site are protected from all kinds of spyware and viruses. For your computer to function properly, it needs to have the latest virus protection installed.


If you find a site that does not offer this, move on to another that does. There are plenty of great places online to play from without putting your computer at risk.


Be sure to visit the site and read some of the forum threads. This is a great way to get an idea of how the slot machine site operates. Remember, people will be honest about their experiences with different sites.


You should be able to see things from other people’s perspectives. You can also learn tons about how the site operates and what people feel are its flaws by reading through the responses.


Lastly, visit the official website of the casino you are planning to play at. This is the best way to find out more about the actual game and find out when the best slots are being played in your area.


You can often find slot machine results in real-time. You can also sign up for their newsletter to find out about current promotions. The newsletter may contain information regarding bonus offers and special games.


These are just a few of the basic ways you can choose the best slot machine for you. Keep these tips in mind as you search for the right casino. Be realistic about your ability to spend and how much money you have available to play with.


However, if you have more chances of winning and the prize is small, then there is no reason for you not to play. You should increase your winnings because the prize is usually low. Hence, these are some of the tips that you can use to choose the best slot machine that you can play at home.


Do not waste your time with a site that cannot offer you quality play. A good casino will help you grow your bankroll and keep you coming back. Good luck!


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An Overview Of A Good Suwon Shirt Room 

Busan is sticking to his usual strong tones for this season, an unspectacular effort. Ideally, the field exposures will be superior to unit planners plans for 수원셔츠룸

Samsung Suwon Bluewings

Compared in style to Busan, Suwon chose a simple methodology in his unit plan. The alternative shirt neckline gives them an edge over Bussan’s 수원셔츠룸.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

They are undoubtedly the group to be defeated concerning the alliance, but Jeonbuk allowed himself to be brought down concerning his unity. From the beginning, it thought they were fine. However, when one saw him, one couldn’t stop thinking, “Why would that be a sound wave in front? Besides, why would one want to drink 7Up out of nowhere?”

Seongnam FC

An adequate but somewhat flat contribution from Seongnam. The old-fashioned Umbro maker is a nice touch. It has a lot of energy for a strong dark band, and the finish on the white outdoor unit gives it a tasteful vibe.

Daegu FC

It was nothing overly extravagant from Daegu, except for a pleasant sky-blue household effort and a decent mix of shadows for managers.

Gwangju FC

Gwangju’s great effort, a decent variety of shades, and a very attractive number of pink for the goalkeeper. For a very straightforward plan, there is just something one is devoted to.

Gangwon FC

An orange and green home shirt is a bold decision, but it works. The upper half of the conclusion here for Gangwon may well be bigger, but there are still some delights to come.

Sangju Sangmu

Nothing exaggerated by the young military, but a bicolor red works admirably here. The missing number is a comparative cream, but it works.

Incheon United

Incheon’s packs never really change, but why should they? In the remote chance that it is suitable for its initial namesakes, Nerozzaurre is sufficient for Incheon. A work of art.

FC Seoul

Another work of art, in Italian style. FC Seoul is probably not going to be the most popular group, but they have premium packages. The dark shirt must be incredible in all units this season, stunning things.

FC Pohang Steelers

One of only two groups with a pack won this season; the home shirt is wonderful, suggestive of Flamengo’s exemplary shirt. Steelers fans may feel hard about just finishing second here, but there is just too much sponsorship continuing for my preference.

Ulsan Hyundai

Undoubtedly, this season, unit number one goes to Ulsan, they can usually be the bridesmaids, but finally, they are the women. They have the hummel from the retro unit’s creator, delicious vertical stripes, an amazing planet, and the outside’s shirt is equally stunning.

Besides, for individuals who like a touch of shade, the goalkeeper’s pullovers are suitably splendid to dazzle any hurried attacker. So the writing is on the wall, shading, and a plan for everyone. Tell me where and what this article lacks and what are the main choices.

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What is the role of Free Rank Tracker tool?

The Free Rank Tracker is a perfect tool for the beginner as well as an experienced marketer. It is a complete package that includes several tools for keyword analysis, link building, content analysis, and monitoring the various rankings for the various keywords. You will get instant reports of the rankings and the reason for rankings. The Free Rank Tracker software is the perfect way to optimize your website for higher rankings.


The first step that you need to take is to look for any existing backlinks that contain your keyword phrase on them. If you were to conduct a simple keyword search, you would realize that there are billions of results.


Therefore, there may be some websites that contain information about your specific product or service. To continue to rank at the top, you need to make sure that these websites know about you and your product. If you are reading this article, I am sure that there is a good chance that you own a website that is related to your free keyword generator software.


The second step that you need to take is to find some free keyword phrases that are closely related to your products and services. In general, you want to try to avoid using too general keywords because most people do not put much thought into them.


As a result, they do not get a high ranking with the search engines. In most cases, people use the keyword phrases as is, without adding anything to them to improve their ranking.


If you can perform both steps correctly, you will notice a significant improvement in the ranking of your website. If you cannot do either of these steps, you should consider buying the software to make things easier for yourself.


Another thing to note is that when it comes to your page content, you want to make sure you have low competition keywords in them. Low competition keywords will make sure that your page rank is high, and therefore it will be easier for your page to be found by visitors.


To do this, you need to check out the free keyword density checker tool. This tool is great because it allows you to see how many times certain keywords show up on a page. This helps you figure out how many people are searching for the term or phrase you are trying to rank for.

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Top 5 Shocking Reasons to Manage Your Weight

There are so many benefits that come with managing your weight. When you are overweight, your risk of developing health complications is very high, and carrying excess weight can also significantly affect your happiness and wellbeing. Suppose you desire to stabilize your weight and achieve your ideal weight. In that case, Dr. Kalpana Desai, a board-certified physician at Integrated Family Medical Center, can help you achieve your weight loss goals. But why is managing your weight so important? Here are the top six shocking reasons why you need to manage your weight.

  1. To Take Pressure off the Joints

Your joints, especially the knee and the ankle, play vital roles in your daily activities. These joints are responsible for holding your body up and keeping it in motion. If you have more weight, the joints will be under pressure and may struggle to move. This can negatively affect your joints, and you will need to lose some weight to improve the joints’ health.

If your body is all muscles than fat, the muscles can withstand the heaviness taking the pressure away from your joints. The muscles tone and strength also improve the health of your joints. When it’s all fat, all the strain is on the joints. As a result,  you may experience painful joints now.

  1. To Improve Your Sleep

Your weight affects your sleeping ability where you might experience rough nights instead of enjoying your sleep. Being overweight increases your sleep apnea risk, which is characterized by loud snoring and breathing problems while you sleep. Besides, if you are obese, the probability is that you are more fatigued compared to those who are not overweight. Therefore, you need to manage your weight and find it easier to sleep.

  1. To Enjoy Your Food and Drinks

It is not clear how weight gain and loss affect the taste of your foods and drinks, but it is a fact. If you lose weight, you will feel your food and drinks taste much better. Maybe it’s because if you decide to manage your weight, you will make healthier changes and opt for more natural food instead of chemical-related foodstuff. Besides, if you change your diet and other lifestyle improvements to manage your weight, it affects your sleep cycle and metabolism, affecting the taste signals to your brain by the taste buds. Therefore, managing your weight can improve the taste of your foods.

  1. To Give Your Immune System Extra Support

Being overweight is always associated with health complications and may affect your immune system. Even common ailments tend to affect more those who are obese compared to others. Therefore, shedding some pounds off do better for your immune system as you will adopt a healthier lifestyle, including healthy eating habits, which can boost your immune system.

  1. To Increase Survival Chances During Surgery and Childbirth

Research has indicated that you are at a higher risk of death when undergoing childbirth surgery if you are obese. But this is something you can manage! Therefore, you need to manage your weight to have a better chance of surviving through childbirth despite the procedure and surgery.

Weight management is vital for your health and overall being. Therefore, you have many reasons why you need to manage your weight, and the above are just a few to mention. The best thing you need to do is seek guidance from a weight management specialist, stick to a healthy lifestyle, and always eat a balanced diet.

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