November 2021


3 Benefits of Visiting an Obstetrics and Gynecology Center

Your reproductive health is very important; hence, find treatment right away whenever there is a medical concern. Visiting an obstetrician or gynecologist gives room for a comprehensive analysis of your reproductive organs. Pap smears, for instance, act as a preventative treatment for diseases such as cancer. In Marion, Ohio, you can have reliable facilities to approach and get the relevant services you need. However, it’s advisable to target top-class Marion obstetrics and gynecology as their solutions will be sublime. Here are three benefits of visiting reproductive health specialists.

  • Birth Control Solutions

If you’re sexually active and don’t want to be pregnant, it’s necessary to look for birth control methods. Specialists can make you clearly understand the different family planning options available. They, however, guide you to identifying the one which perfectly suits you. This is where they advise on contraception pills, injections, and other choices on the list.

By giving you clear merits and demerits of each, you’ll not struggle in spotting the most effective option. Before making a decision, the doctor will hold candid talks on your lifestyle and your needs. It brings a clear image of the birth control method to bring contentment.

When it comes to birth control methods, some serve for a more extended period than others. One of the long-term contraception methods is the use of IUD. It is usually a small, flexible device that the specialist directs into the uterus. It causes thickening of the cervical mucus; hence the sperm can hardly pass.

  • Guidance on Pregnancy

After conceiving, there are many things you need to do to ensure that you and the baby are fine throughout pregnancy. Sometimes, there are specific aspects you may not know about, such as the proper diet and whether or not you need to exercise. A gynecologist can put you in a clinic to monitor your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Where appropriate, they guide you in refraining from certain foods. For instance, you could be allergic to certain foods, and they recommend the right dietary changes to make. The prenatal care can go for 40 weeks as this is a delicate period during which the baby has significant developments. It’s during these clinics that they monitor the growth rate of the baby.

  • Hysterectomy Procedures

There are problems in the reproductive system which recur and hardly improve even after long periods of medication. At such times hysterectomies are the best solution as they assist in the removal of all or part of the reproductive organs. Such procedures help deal with chronic pelvic pain, uterine prolapse, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and uterine cancer.

A more advanced facility will not even use the traditional hysterectomy procedures. Instead, they utilize laparoscopic-assisted hysterectomies, which involve making small incisions in the vagina. They, therefore, need the use of thinner surgical instruments. Minimal bleeding and incision; hence you may not need more extended recovery periods.

Seeing an obstetrician and gynecologist is significant as they help in the optimization of your reproductive health. They assist in various ways, such as through guidance on birth controls, prenatal and postnatal care. When dealing with severe problems and resistance to medication, they can perform a hysterectomy procedure.

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A-Pro Guide to Understanding Gum Contouring

Teeth misalignment and discoloration are known to come in your way of having a stunning smile. However, your gum, too, could be a key contributor as well. That uneven gum lining, gums extending from the teeth, and too high gums could be denying you a chance to have a perfect smile. Visiting a cosmetic dentist will see your problem solved, and in Newport Beach, CA, there are competent ones. The team will do a gum contouring treatment which brings positive results to the nature of your gum. Pay a visit to the best gum contouring in Newport Beach. What should you know about gum contouring?

What is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is an invasive procedure that focuses on making the gum look even. If you have an irregular gum lining, the treatment helps in bringing it to the right shape. It also aims to deal with gums that are fully attached to the gums. Therefore, it removes the pockets which hub disease-causing bacteria.

Alongside this treatment, the experts could consider using other therapies for reshaping the teeth, such as dental bonding and veneers. It will deal with the gapped, chipped, and cracked teeth. The overall result is you attain a beautiful smile.

What is the Gum Contouring Procedure Like?

The dentist considers reshaping the gum; however, following the specific smile needs you have. At first, there is a proper evaluation of the nature of the gum to determine which point needs adjustment. They determine the best way to make the gum lining even and at the right height.

It, therefore, means that gum contouring is a purely cosmetic procedure. However, an underlying dental disorder such as the periodontal condition could be causing the gum to be too high. From this, there could be exposure to tooth roots which may trigger tooth decay. Therefore, your gum contouring procedure will assist in your looking better and enhance your dental health.

What to Expect During the Treatment

In most cases, the gum contouring procedure happens with your comfort in the mind of the dentist. That is why they first use local anesthesia, which creates a numbing effect at the surgery site. It helps in making you not experience pain and discomfort during the procedure. There is also much focus on hygiene to avoid any form of infection.

What is the Post-Treatment Period Like?

Ordinarily, after the procedure, you may need to take a day or two off. It will allow the mouth to adapt to the treatment well. Generally, before leaving the dental care facility, the team will guide you on the home care measures to observe. The instructions may involve guidance on how best to brush teeth as you allow the gum to heal. However, the total healing time varies from one type of gum contouring to the other. You’ll need to take some over-the-counter painkillers to relieve any form of pain you may experience within the next few days.

Gum contouring is a procedure helping in making the gum be in the best shape. Generally, the treatment is invasive but safe as the team will plan for it well. Your cosmetic dentist will also look for any present periodontal disease. After the procedure, you will get instructions to help in safe, quick healing.

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An Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Dermatology

Feeling good with the way you look is essential. It’s what boosts your confidence. Having radiant and youthful skin can go a long way in making your appearance glow. That is why cosmetic dermatology is so important, as there are procedures that efficiently rejuvenate your skin. From dealing with scars and stretch marks to wrinkles, these treatments make the skin look great. In Kentucky, some facilities offer excellent solutions hence targeting them. The specialists in cosmetic dermatology in Bowling Green, Kentucky, offer a diversity of services. It’s a great idea first to understand the various treatments in this field of dermatology.

Botox Treatments

It is a procedure effective in dealing with wrinkles, stubborn scars, and skin lines. Through it, a dermatologist will inject neuromodulators into your skin. These cosmetic injectables come from botulinum toxin which brings a freezing effect to the skin muscles. They, therefore, result in the smoothing of the wrinkles. It’s, therefore, a major anti-aging procedure in cosmetic dermatology.

Dermal Fillers

The skin can often become loose, especially as we age. The lost skin volume often results in the shrinking of the skin, which often brings about wrinkles. Dermal fillers remedy this through the restoration of the lost skin volume. After the treatment, the skin will look smoother, and the effect will be almost sudden. The skin expert will inject the dermal fillers into the skin with equal amounts of dermal fillers at different points.

Some injections go to the lips if you need to increase their size by a certain margin. This minimally invasive procedure is always safe, especially when the team conducting it is competent. You’ll end up having a perfect restoration of the face’s shape. The flexibility in the treatment is what is more impressive with the procedures. The specialist will come up with something matching the specific needs on the lips, cheekbones, and overall facial appearance.

Microneedling Services

The skin can heal itself whenever an injury occurs. It does this through the production of more collagen and elastin. This acts as the idea behind micro-needling. A dermatologist will make slight injuries on your skin, which through the treatment, initiates the natural healing process.

The increased concentration of the essential skin pigments helps in making the skin look more clear and smooth. This increases the skin’s elasticity, which helps in making the skin free from lines and wrinkles. It takes a few months for the skin to develop new collagen and elastin.

Your specialist depends on tech products in conducting the minimally invasive procedure. For instance, there will be the use of a collagen P.I.N. device in making micro-injuries on the skin. In the pre-treatment meeting with the doctor, you will get clear guidance on the post-treatment measures to observe. At the same time, they provide information on the effects to expect later, such as temporary reddening and swelling of the skin.

The appearance of the skin means a lot to your confidence as a person. There are different aspects such as wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks that can interfere with normal skin. Luckily, cosmetic dermatology services can help in the rejuvenation of the skin. This is through treatments such as micro-needling, botox, and dermal fillers.

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5 Secrets to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

In relation to teeth, it is not only the aesthetic side that is important. Undermined oral health harms the entire body. To avoid unpleasant consequences, regular hygiene is necessary. Dr. Eliaz Kaufman and the team at East Village Dental Center use various dental procedures to help improve their patients’ dental health. Here are the 5 secrets to keep your teeth healthy.

  1.     Brush your teeth twice a day and rinse with water after every meal.

Every day more than 20 varieties of bacteria feed on food leftovers in the mouth. When this happens, they release acid that eats away the enamel. It is essential to clean not only the teeth but also the entire oral cavity.

  1.     Find the right toothbrush and toothpaste.

Unless recommended by a doctor, choose a toothbrush of medium hardness. It should have smooth edges, a comfortable grip, and rounded bristles. In addition, change the toothbrush every 2-3 months. Always observe personal hygiene and never share a toothbrush as it may lead to oral illnesses.

  1.     Eat healthily and protect your teeth from acids.

Teeth can decay for several reasons, some of which may appear harmless. Among them, fruit acids found in fruits and fresh juices can leave sugars in the mouth, which may eat away at the enamel. Also, sweet soda, candies, toffee, and caramel can create a suitable environment for bacteria to thrive.

In addition, a lack of fluoride and calcium in your diet can cause the enamel to weaken, and cleaning your teeth alone may not be sufficient. You can have a balanced diet comprising of calcium-based food, such as cheeses, fresh spinach, and broccoli. In addition, products containing vitamin D are highly recommended, such as seafood, eggs, poultry, butter, and beef.

You can also take calcium supplements. However, it is essential to observe only the recommended dosage. If you are not sure, you can discuss it with your dentist. As for fluoride, today, it is found in almost every toothpaste and water, food, and even the air. Sources of fluoride include some products, such as wholemeal flour, green and black tea, seaweed, walnuts, and many types of seafood.

  1.     Treat your teeth and gums with care, and avoid unnecessary stress.

Sometimes floss and toothpicks can damage the gums if not used properly, thereby leading to inflammation. Observe proper techniques when flossing your teeth.

In addition, refrain from exposing your teeth to sudden temperature changes like eating iced products, smoking, or using vape steam. 

Such a combination of hot smoke and cold can destroy your enable. Also, avoid clenching your teeth with force during stressful situations. Some athletes wear special mouth guards during training to avoid damaging their teeth. Use a reasonable load on your teeth and avoid chopping or grinding solid foods.

  1.     Visit your dentist regularly.

Dental problems manifest themselves anytime without notice. The dentist will establish any problem with your teeth before it develops into deep cavities. You should visit the dentist at least once every six months.

The most important secret is that it is not enough to know these tips but to follow all the points regularly. Contact the experts at East Village Dental Center to schedule your appointment.

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Correct Drooping Eyelids with Professional Eye Brow Lift

Eyebrows are among the most outstanding features on your face. Besides outlining your eyes, they also express emotions and show facial expressions. Eyebrows are prone to drooping with age. Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, is the leading provider for Scarsdale brow lift services. Contact the offices today to realize a more youthful look with guaranteed natural-looking results.

What is a Brow Lift?

As you age, your eyebrows may begin to droop. This transformation results in an unwanted, worn-out appearance. A brow lift refers to a surgical procedure that may restore your youthful appearance by reducing the existence of creases between your eyebrows and forehead lines.

Generally, a brow lift results in significant improvements in opening the eyes and relieving the weight of the brows on your eyelids. The treatment results in a subtle, well-rested look, rather than surprise or deer in headlights! A brow lift can be performed alongside eyelid blepharoplasty surgery and a facelift. Like all facial surgery treatments, a brow lift needs to be customized for the patient to align with other dimensions and characteristics of the face.

Method of Performing a Brow Lift

A brow lift or forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure usually performed endoscopically via small scalp incisions. It is a surgical procedure commonly conducted under local anesthesia with sedation.

After making a few incisions beneath or behind your hairline, an endoscope is applied via a camera to study the tissues and muscles beneath the skin. Next, the forehead skin is lifted with the underlying tissues being removed or lifted to create target results. In this process, your eyebrows might be lifted to a higher position by temporary screws or sutures. By creating a natural, yet refreshed look, a brow lift addresses drooping eyelid complications and improves your overall appearance.

Brow Lift Benefits

You should look in the mirror and be pleased with what you see. This procedure allows you to alter where your eyebrows position themselves on your face. Its benefits include:

  •       Reduction in sagging upper eyelids
  •       Removal of excess skin from the face
  •       Restoring the natural arch in your eyebrows
  •       Reducing the appearance of crow’s feet

These wrinkles around your eyebrows reveal a lot about your age. However, eyebrow lift results can be incredibly natural-looking and can make you fall in love with your appearance once more.

What Can I Expect During My Recovery Process?

After your procedure, it normally takes ten days for initial recovery to commence, consisting of removing sutures. You may experience temporary swelling and bruising. You can cover these affected areas with makeup to conceal the temporary bruising. Other side effects include headaches or numbness.

Dr. Schwarcz, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, can deliver a youthful look of a refreshed face with natural results to defy the aging process.

Do Brow Lift Results Last Long?

Results of this surgery can last for a lifetime. However, the aging process will always continue. Like the rest of your body, your face will keep on getting older, so aging will likely begin to be visible again at some point.

Bottom Line

Do not hesitate to contact Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, for more information regarding the brow lift procedure. Book your consultation on the phone or online to determine your eligibility for this treatment.

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Get to learn and understand more about Botox for cosmetic use

As signs of aging start becoming evident on your skin, it can take a toll on your skin because as soon as wrinkles and lines start forming, your confidence also drops. No need to keep worrying about these signs because today’s aesthetic technology grants you the power to fight the signs of aging, wrinkles, and lines. Londonderry Botox is administered by dedicated injectors who are experienced in restoring your youthful appearance.

What is Botox?

Botox is an AFDA-approved top injectable treatment given to minimize the look of moderate to severe forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet for approximately four months. Some facial wrinkles usually develop over the eyes with recurrent facial expressions. Mostly wrinkles and lines usually form around the eyes and forehead as you raise your eyebrows, squint, and frown. Therefore you do not have to live with these signs of aging because they are quite embarrassing. After all, Botox provides a solution to them.

Typically, Botox uses pure botulinum toxin to temporarily relax your muscles that are responsible for the wrinkles. Therefore wrinkles become less apparent after using Botox treatment because it results in smoother and younger skin, thus rebuilding your confidence.

Is Botox right for you?

If you are bothered by the look of wrinkles, frown lines, or crow’s feet, Botox is the right treatment for you. Since each of us have different skin types, there is, therefore, the right age when you should start your Botox treatment. It is a treatment option that can help women who are suffering from moderate to severe wrinkles and lines but can be a preventive treatment for women in their thirties and twenties.

The health care specialists at the facility also offer other injectables, including jeuveau and disport, giving patients the power to choose their treatment. Similarly, Botox is performed by dedicated aesthetic professionals who are well experienced to ensure you receive optimum care and comfort. It is also committed to ensuring you feel and look your best by giving you a stunning appearance.  

What is Botox treatment like?

The team at the facility focuses on creating a boutique environment when offering all aesthetic services. They also take their time to try and understand your unique needs and goals for the treatment, thus providing you with a personalized treatment plan that suits you. You can expect to see results within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the procedure is complete. After receiving Botox, it minimizes your wrinkles for approximately four months. Therefore you are encouraged to consult your provider so as to learn and understand more about the benefits of ongoing Botox treatment used to maintain your youthful appearance.

In summary, if you or someone close to you has started experiencing signs of aging, there is no need to allow it to affect you negatively because Botox treatment provides a solution to this problem. Health care providers offer a personalized Botox treatment to enhance your beauty, making you feel more confident and blooming. Therefore, visit Inbloom Health + Medispa today and book an appointment online or by phone. Quality aesthetic services will be provided to you to ensure your skin looks younger and radiant.

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Losing Weight with Lenox Medical Clinic

Weight loss has become a major problem in the 21st-century; resulting from the poor lifestyle changes and eating habits that many people have adopted. Cutting down on weight isn’t as easy as many think; it’s not a simple process that involves dietary changes and self exercises. Adopting a singular one-size-fits-all regime leads to failure, poor self-esteem, and worst of all, the probability of future weight gain. To get a guarantee of undergoing proper weight loss with near-zero implications, it’s advisable to seek assistance from well-trained and qualified practitioners.

For guaranteed weight loss in Chamblee, Lenox Medical Clinic offers a unique and personalized weight loss approach. Practitioner Sudha Challa, MD, offers a customized Medical Weight loss approach where she focuses on the patient from the moment they start their weight loss program until they successfully keep off weight even in the future.

Medical Weight Loss

At Lenox Medical Clinic, the Medical Weight loss program offered is usually personalized and customized to fulfill the client’s needs, goals, pre-existing medical conditions, and lifestyle. Practitioners at this facility (who include dietitians and medical staff) undertake professional supervision so as to ensure that you lose weight safely and maintain good health. This is achieved through several kinds of weight loss plans, including:

  •   Menu Planning
  •   Diet and Exercise Recommendations
  •   Counseling Support
  •   Appetite-Suppressant Medications

At Lenox Medical Clinic, they believe that everybody can lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle by seeking the proper assistance.

Treatments in Medical Weight Loss

Practitioners at Lenox Medical Spa. have undertaken extensive research and gained immense experience through working with different kinds of clients. This team has developed a combination of treatments, which include drug therapy, that is used by patients to reduce their weight while maintaining their overall body health significantly.

Diets and Nutrition provided for Weight Loss

When undertaking the weight loss routine provided by Lenox Medical Clinic, the patient is also given a specific dietary regimen that they have to follow to ensure that they lose weight within the set time frame. To ensure that the patient doesn’t give up, Lenox Medical Spa allocates each patient a dietitian to help discuss matters of nutrition, and also a counseling support group to keep them going.

Children’s Weight Loss Program

Due to the excessive consumption of fast foods, so many children have been affected by obesity and have become overweight. At Lenox Medical Clinic, they don’t just focus on adults only, but also on children and adolescents from ages 8-18 years old. At this institution, the focus is not to help them cut weight only but to help the children to grow while they are still aware of how nutrition and exercise impact their general health and well-being.

They develop a plan that will ensure that your children maintain a healthy and average weight up to adulthood. Help your kids have a normal life and know how to care for themselves even after you are gone.

Visit Lenox Medical Clinic Today

Don’t be burdened by being overweight. Let Lenox Medical Clinic help you out in recovering your self-esteem and worth by visiting them today.

Book an appointment with Lenox Medical Clinic Family Practice and Medical Spa today and leave a new person with new weight loss goals.

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Effective Treatments for Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is a natural process that occurs in all women when they are older. This stage may cause several unpleasant effects that make your life uncomfortable. If you’re struggling with intense symptoms of menopause in Lake Mary, do not hesitate to contact Obstetrics and Gynecology for treatment.

What is menopause?

Menopause refers to the natural cessation of a woman’s menstrual cycle, marking the end of her reproductivity. Menopause is diagnosed after 12 months without your menstrual periods and can occur in your 40s or 50s. During this stage, your body’s hormone therapy naturally reduces the amount of estrogen it produces. Minimal production of the female hormone triggers your body to stop the menstrual cycle, making it difficult for you to get pregnant. Low production of estrogen can cause the development of uncomfortable symptoms, such as abrupt weight gain, vaginal discomfort, and hot flashes. The professional team at Obstetrics and Gynecology offers several treatments for menopause, including hormone therapy to lifestyle adjustments.

What are the most commonly experienced signs and symptoms of menopause?

 Low production of estrogen can contribute to several symptoms that may cause discomfort and mood imbalance. Hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings can significantly affect your life and make it almost impossible for you to enjoy yourself fully. In some cases, menopause symptoms may be severe to the point of preventing you from carrying out your daily activities. Some of the symptoms you may experience include:

  •                     Sleep problems
  •                     Hot flashes
  •                     Vaginal dryness
  •                     Thinning of hair
  •                     Sleeping difficulties
  •                     Bone loss
  •                     Mood swings

Before the onset of menopause, you may experience irregular menstrual periods as your body adjusts to the changes. These symptoms are also likely to occur at any time during menopause or perimenopause.

How can menopause disrupt your general wellness?

Several changes occur during menopause, and some may cause detrimental effects to your health.  You’re also at risk of developing urinary tract infections (UTIs) during this stage. These health conditions occur due to low estrogen levels, leading to the thinning and drying up of your vagina and urinary tract. Some of these changes may also make sexual intercourse uncomfortable and excruciating. Estrogen also plays a vital role in reducing your risk of experiencing stroke and heart attack, which can put your life in jeopardy. If your body ceases to produce adequate amounts of estrogen, your risk of developing stroke or heart disease increases.

What are the available treatment options for menopause symptoms?

In most cases, menopause symptoms do not require professional medical attendance and are easily manageable using hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT reduces the intensity of menopause symptoms, restoring your ability to enjoy life like before. During your appointment, you can consult Dr. Quinsey about your HRT treatment, and he can monitor your progress to determine if it is effective. HRT is available in several forms and is effective in alleviating menopausal symptoms. If HRT is ineffective for you, Dr. Quinsey may recommend selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), parathyroid hormones, and bisphosphonates to prevent bone degeneration.

For more information about symptoms of menopause and symptom management, contact Dr. Quinsey or schedule an online appointment today.

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Why Should You Choose Dental Implants to Treat Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth not only affect your smile appearance but also affects your teeth functions such as chewing. Dental implants are among the best solutions for missing teeth. They are comfortable and durable, giving you that natural tooth feeling and appearance.

Unlike other therapeutic methods, they also improve your speech. Missing teeth no longer have to be a problem; get your dental implants in Alexandria for a better smile and dental health. The dental specialists at Nova Physician Wellness Center are experienced and guarantee excellent results.

Talk to their offices today to schedule your initial consultation.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots placed on your jaw bone by an oral surgeon. The implant consists of a biocompatible material that merges with your jawbone during the healing process. The implant fuses with your jawbone forming a permanent and durable tooth root replacement.

The implant also acts as an anchor where your dental provider fixes a crown or bridge. A dental implant improves your bite and chewing and restores your smile.

You can also use porcelain as your restorative material, which resembles your natural tooth colour, enhancing a natural smile.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants provide the highest level of stability and durability. They are also comfortable as they fuse with your jawbone becoming part of your dental system.

The merging of the implant with your jawbone also enhances jawbone stimulation. The stimulation is critical as it prevents resorption and reduces your risk of bone loss, preserving the shape of your face.

Dental implants also maintain your smile’s alignment by preventing your teeth from shifting to the empty tooth socket.

Unlike dentures that you can remove, dental implants are permanently enhancing convenience at all times. Dental implants also promote your eating as they act as your natural teeth.

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

To have dental implants, it is essential to be in good health, including healthy gums and enough bone tissue. Usually, implants harbour on your jawbone; hence it is critical to have a considerable amount of bone tissue for support.

In cases where your bone tissue is not enough, your provider performs a bone graft to add on your bone mass. It is also critical to ensure your gums are free from gum disease to enhance the success of dental implants. You should first treat the disease before getting the implants.

Good oral hygiene is also essential and consistent dental checkups. It is not recommendable for patients who smoke or with chronic conditions to have dental implants. It is safe to first consult with your dentist before deciding on dental implants.

The procedure begins with your provider cleaning the space created by the missing teeth. Then place the titanium post on the bone socket. After the implant has bonded with your jawbone, you go in for a crown attachment.

Contact a dental specialist today.

If you have missing teeth, consider having dental implants for the perfect solution. They fuse with your jawbone enhancing stability and durability. Call Nova Physician Wellness Center today for a consultation.

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Healthy Sleep with Oasis Ear, Nose, and Throat, AZ

Snoring loudly due to difficulty breathing at night could be a potential indication of a serious health hazard. If left unattended, resultant conditions include heart problems and high blood pressure. A team of well-experienced experts in treating sleep apnea in Surprise, Arizona, is committed to offering therapies to avoid repeated stops in breathing at night. The condition often affects older men who are also overweight. Other effects can be tiredness during the day despite a full night’s sleep. For more information and consultations, call the office in Arizona or book an online evaluation today.

Sleep Apnea

It is a sleeping disorder characterized by recurrent interruptions in your sleep. The pauses during sleep last between 10 to 20 seconds, occurring even 100 times in an hour or the night. Inadequate oxygen supply while sleeping apnea occurs jolts you to awake. The episodes are often brief that you may not recall. Additionally, the perpetual disruptions in the normal sleep rhythm insinuate that more time is spent in light sleep and a little in deep sleep. Deep sleep is important as it is restorative and needed for mental sharpness, energy, and production the following day.

If left untreated, it can result in health problems like; hypertension, heart attacks, diabetes, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, and stroke. It can also lead to impairments at work, automotive crashes, and other work-associated accidents. In schools, it can be the cause of underachievement in students and adolescents.


There are three types, they include;

Obstructive Sleep Apnea manifests as recurrent episodes of partial or total upper blockage of the airway while asleep. During the apneic occurrence, the chest and diaphragm muscles chest and diaphragm muscles work harder as the pressure culminates to ensure the airway is opened.  Normally, the brain jump-starts breathing with a body jerk or gasp. It can lead to poor oxygen flow to essential organs resulting in heart rhythm irregularities.

Central Sleep Apnea – in this instance, the airways are wide open, but there occurs failure in the brain to signal muscles to continue breathing. It happens because the respiratory control center is unstable. This type of apnea is associated with the functioning of the central nervous system.

Mixed or Complex Sleep Apnea – is a combination of central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea, though it rarely occurs.


The condition affects nearly 10% of women and 25% of men. It can affect people of all ages, often those above 50 and who are overweight. Physical features like an enlarged neck, excess weight, and abnormalities in structure – reducing the upper airway diameter like the lowly hanging soft palate, nasal obstruction, small jaw, or enlarged nostril.


Obstructive sleep apnea – results from collapsing the soft tissue in the rear throat, blocking the airway. Central sleep apnea is seen in patients with dysfunctions in the central nervous system or neuromuscular complications.


  •         Cognitive impairment like forgetfulness
  •         Anxiety and depression
  •         Headaches and sexual dysfunction
  •         Dry  mouth and sore throat when you wake up
  •         Perpetual nighttime awakenings or restless sleep
  •         Snoring, fatigue, and daytime sleepiness


At Oasis Ear, Nose, and Throat, your provider may conduct a polysomnogram. Your electrical brain activities, breathing patterns, heart rate, and many more tests are done during the exam.


Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure (CPAP) Treatment – CPAP is a device using an airtight nosepiece and hose that ensures steady airflow while asleep. The pressure aids in keeping the airway open.

Mandibular Advancement Devices – assist in avoiding throat blockage by the tongue. An enhanced lower jaw forward can be created.

Surgery – individuals with deviation in their nasal septum or malformation in tissues causing obstruction can benefit from the surgery.

Therapies for underlying conditions, stopping smoking, weight loss can assist reduce sleep apnea. Call the office in Arizona or plan an online evaluation today and have your concern addressed.

You will be surprised to learn how a quality sleep could change your life. Here are the reasons why we should all have sleep aids ready for use!

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