10 Ways to Keep Your Christmas Dinner from Being Boring – Javier Burillo

Christmas is a favorite holiday for many people, but it’s no secret that the standard Christmas dinner fare can get a bit…repetitive. Chefs like Javier Burillo and others have some ideas on how you can spice up your Christmas dinner table this holiday season:

1) Use different types of meat

Instead of serving the same old roasted turkey, mix it up and try ham, lamb, or beef. Some great ideas include:

  • Ham: glazed, honey-baked, or with pineapple
  • Lamb: marinated in yogurt and spices or roasted with rosemary and mint
  • Beef: roast beef tenderloin with Dijon sauce, prime rib au jus, or Swiss steak

2) Use different types of vegetables

Don’t just serve up carrots and green beans – mix it up with asparagus, brussels sprouts, or butternut squash.

3) Use different types of stuffing

Instead of using the same ol’ boxed stuffing mix, try something new like sausage and apple stuffing, cornbread dressing, or oyster stuffing. Be bold and daring but also remember that traditional stuffing is a favorite for many people, so be sure to include some on the table!

4) Try different types of desserts

Instead of serving up pumpkin or pecan pie, consider mincemeat pie, cranberry crumb bars, or dried fruit cake. Some great dessert ideas to keep your Christmas dinner fresh include:

  • Mincemeat pie: a traditional English dessert made from dried fruit and spices
  • Cranberry crumb bars: bars of shortbread crust, cooked cranberries, sugar, and butter with a crumb topping
  • Dried fruit cake: A traditional British cake that uses nuts, dried fruits such as sultanas and raisins, candied peel, and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg

5) Serve breakfast for dessert

Mix it up by serving everyone a favorite holiday breakfast – pancakes with winter fruit compote or French toast with eggnog custard – instead of the traditional Christmas dinner fare. Just be sure to serve it up early enough to have dinner still afterward.

6) Serve holiday drinks with dinner

A nice dinner is always enhanced with the perfect drink, so make sure you have your favorite holiday beverages on hand to go with your Christmas dinner. Some tasty suggestions are: Eggnog Hot buttered rum holiday punch

7) Use different table settings

Don’t be afraid to give your formal dining room or kitchen table a festive makeover for Christmas! Get creative by using new chargers, glasses, and olive dishes.

8) Serve buffet-style

Christmas is all about being in the company of friends and family, so why not serve everyone their food at once? Then, just set up everything in the kitchen to help themselves throughout the night.

9) Customize your turkey tray

Make it easy for everyone to choose the perfect piece of turkey by personalizing your turkey tray. Just print out some fun stickers with different names like “The Breast,” “The Wing,” or “The Drumstick” and place them on the tray.

10) Use a festive tablecloth

A brightly colored tablecloth can set the mood for Christmas, so why not switch it up this year and use something new? Check out some of the seasonal fabrics available at your favorite fabric store.