Why You Should Consider Getting a Dental Implant

Implantology is a long-lasting solution for tooth replacement. Essentially, a dental implant is a medical titanium screw that replaces the root of the tooth. Afterward, your dentist may choose to place a tooth or a secure denture on top of your implant. Almost anyone can get the procedure done. Dr. James Butler is a Hilliard implant dentist at Innovative Dental Ideas who helps patients restore the integrity of their smile by replacing their missing teeth using dental implants.

Who is a candidate for the procedure?

If you miss one tooth, multiple, or all of your teeth, you are a perfect candidate for dental implants. Patients struggling with their dentures and looking for a better fit can improve their quality of life by choosing to get the procedure done. Patients that are tired of their dentures and would like to rehabilitate their smile with a fixed solution can opt for implantology, which is a way for them to get their teeth back.

What to expect during an implantology procedure

The process is usually very complex because it involves replacing the targeted tooth and the gum, and the architecture around the gum is critical for the best cosmetic results. The traditional approach to placing an implant would be to remove the tooth, wait for a peeling period of multiple months, come back and place the implant, wait another few months and then have our dentist put the crown on the chewing portion of your implant.

In some instances, your doctor may remove the healing period and place the implant the same day the tooth is removed. This technique is called an immediate placement of the implant. Placing the implant when taking out the tooth helps achieve the best long-term success and cosmetics. If your dentist can place the final abutment, which is the component that goes on top of the implant, at the time of surgery, meaning that you will not have to take them on and off, ensuring better tissue response. This case is typical for the two front teeth.

With today’s technology improving, in some instances, your dentist may perform the implant placement but will further fabricate the temporary crown or the temporary tooth on the same day as the extraction. Essentially, patients can receive their results in a day.

The use of technology in implantology                                                                 

The fantastic technologies available for implant therapy allow for three-dimensional scans at the dentist’s office. Your dentist will immediately use your scans’ results to plan your implant placement and choose the correct position depending on your oral status to avoid any anatomical issues. The scan also helps your dentist determine the right implants and decide whether you will need any additional therapy. Therefore, dentists can utilize some excellent technologies to help them get the best results possible.

A dental implant is a beautiful way to restore your smile and teeth function. Consider the procedure as an investment in your health and well-being. If you are missing a tooth, multiple teeth, or suffering from dentures that do not fit, contact Innovative Dental Ideas to find out the options that are ideal for you.