eSports as a New Way to Make Money

World tournaments and championships on mobile and computer games of various genres quickly enough attracted an adult audience, which allowed to collect its own statistics and organize broadcasts of cybersports competitions.

Making money from computer games is quite realistic

Not only the IT professionals and gaming giants can make money from gamers. World-recognized eSports disciplines have given experienced players a chance to make a name and a fortune on their favorite game, while viewers can get rich betting on the outcome of events. Now all the fans of shooters, in particular, CS:GO, can get a nice raise to their salary or scholarship because most bookmakers have started to take bets on international events.

One of the most popular matches watched by fans from all over the world is the Pro League. ESL Pro League holds championships on a regular basis almost every month, which gives bookmakers’ customers the opportunity to earn monthly by supporting their favorite teams. Competitions are more often watched online, and the total viewing time for the last year has already exceeded 100 million hours, so there is no doubt about the popularity of eSports.

How to study statistics and make your own predictions

Most experienced bookmaker clients use their own predictions, which are made on a number of publicly available facts:

  1. Team composition – it is no secret that many teams have multi-million dollar capitals, which enables them to hire professional players, improving their performance. “Fresh blood” is always a problem for opponents, because in most cases it is almost impossible to predict the combinations and level of training of a new player, and this can play into the advantage of betting enthusiasts. It is not recommended to overlook the renewed roster before the championship. This should certainly be reflected in the personal forecast.
  2. History of meetings – specialized platforms provide website visitors with the opportunity to study the history of confrontations. Scores24 enables users to find all the data about the already held tournaments and meetings of certain teams in different competitions. Studying these statistics, you can understand which team is on the rise and how their performance has changed in recent months or years.
  3. Expert predictions – the compilation of manual statistics is always based on basic automatic calculations. Figures are the basis for your own prediction on eSports competitions. An important fact will be to consider the overall and intermediate statistics for each team, comparing their game with the same opponents and other features of the game.
  4. The odds – beginners in the field of betting often rely on the odds set by the bookmaker. This is a relatively correct tactic, but with a lot of caveats. To the surprise of young bettors, high odds go in much more often than expected, although they can be taken into account as a basis for reflection to adjust your own prediction.

To earn money from betting with bookmakers, making a prediction is a must. Otherwise, the chances of making a profit will diminish and can only be referred to as a lucky and short-term investment.

Earn from the “comeback” of your favorite team

Natus Vincere,, Heroic, and No Limit are now the most popular and recognizable teams in the world of CS:GO eSports. But those fans who have been following the game for a long time remember well the French favorites – Vitality. Not so long ago the French dropped out of the professional league showing terrible results in the competitions.

In 2020 Vitality’s return to the world scene was no surprise, but their multiple victories over the perennial championship leaders – the Ukrainian team NaVi – really changed the world of betting. The high odds on Vitality’s victory played into the hands of betting fans who were able to see the French rise up the standings. This lightning-quick comeback brought bookmakers’ clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in net profits in just a couple of months.