Planning for Dental Dentures: All You Need to Understand

Dentures are dentists’ best friends. They allow dentists to better serve their patients by creating a denture that will be an exact match for the shape and size of your mouth. Dentures also offer many benefits over natural teeth, including improved chewing ability, appearance; comfort; and speech. In Frisco, TX, cosmetic dentists are available to provide dentures. They choose a type of dentures suiting your needs. For you to get the best assistance to select the best facilities for dentures in Frisco, TX.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are made from a combination of natural and artificial materials. The denture will have a gum-colored plastic base with the teeth attached to it. In some cases, dentures can be made from clear plastic, offering a more natural appearance.

Another use for dentures is in the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder. The lower denture rests on the upper denture, stabilizing it and preventing it from moving up into the patient’s nasal cavity when biting down. It allows patients who suffer from TMJ disorder to chew food much more comfortably.

How Do Dentures Work?

Dentures are removable appliances that fit over your gums to replace missing teeth. Each denture may contain between one and ten dental implants. Dental implants are small posts placed in your jaw to support the denture. They can be made of metal or titanium, both materials which are compatible with the human body. Dentures will also be custom fitted to ensure that they are comfortable when you speak and chew food.

Types of Dentures

There are many types of dentures, and dentists in Frisco, TX, will work with you to help you choose the suitable denture for your needs.

Traditional dentures: Traditional dentures are made from metal and plastic and placed over the gums. This denture has no teeth attached, but dentists will give you dentures with between two to six teeth if your denture is for the lower jaw or four to eight for the upper jaw.

Partial Dentures: Dentures can be placed in only a particular area of their mouth for people who still have their natural teeth attached. These dentures are attached to the teeth that remain in the mouth.

Immediate Dentures: Specialists may recommend immediate dentures for those who have lost all of their teeth at once. This denture is made of metal and plastic but has no gums attached. Your doctor will put the denture in place after the teeth are extracted.

Taking Care of Dentures

Once dentures are in place, it’s essential to maintain them. Dentists recommend that you brush dentures daily with a denture-specific cleanser and denture adhesive to make sure they fit properly and remain clean.

Diet may also need to be adjusted once dentures have been placed. Some foods, such as sticky or hard-to-chew foods, may put too much pressure on dentures and can cause them to become loose. It may also be difficult for dentures to remain in place if the patient has lost weight since receiving them, so it’s recommended that denture wearers adjust their diet accordingly.

If dentures are one of the options for replacing missing teeth, it’s vital to consider your needs and talk with dentists in Frisco, TX, about what type of denture would be best. Many different dentures are designed for a specific need or even just part of the mouth.