Know the Facts About Chronic Pain and their Effects

Everybody must have come across pain in their life. Many parts of your body can be affected by pain, which results from different factors. Chronic pains occur even if you have no injuries. This chronic pain affects specific body tissues due to the compression of nerves. Chronic pain creates discomforts, and they affect your routine of doing daily work. It is vital to seek treatment since severe chronic pain may cause mental problems. Dr. William L Yancey is a specialist who treats every type of chronic pain. Below are examples of chronic pain that can occur.

The major examples of chronic pain

  There is a variety of chronic pain that affects specific parts of your body. Every type of chronic pain results from different causes. Your body parts that experience nerve compression are the ones affected by chronic pain.

Types of chronic pain include;

  •  Joint pain. Joint pain is caused by injuries, infections, and wear and tear of tissues due to old age. Arthritis is the most known chronic joint pain that affects adults more than teenagers and children. Most joint pain occurs due to repetitive motion in the joint. People who train regularly, like athletes and footballers, are at high risk of getting chronic joint pain.
  • Symptoms may involve tingling, pain in the joint area, feeling weak, and difficulty moving your joints.
  • Treatments may involve platelets rich plasma to regenerate inflamed tissues, and medication to relieve pain.
  • Back pain. Chronic back pain is common in many adults. Back pain is caused by severe arthritis or injuries like fractures on the spinal cord. Also, wear and tear of spinal discs and soft tissues may cause back pain. You may experience back pain when you sit for a long time or lift heavy luggage.
  • Symptoms of chronic back pain include difficulties in walking and when waking up, pain at the back, tingling, sharp pain that runs through your buttocks down to your leg.
  • Treatment may include soft exercises, medication to relieve pain, and surgery to repair the fractures.
  • Neck pain. Neck pain is also common in both adults and teenagers. This disorder results from straining your neck bone that is attached to the cerebellum. Having injuries around your neck may cause inflammation of tissues and fracture on the neck-bone.
  • Symptoms of chronic neck pain include swelling on your neck, tingling, numbness, weakness, and headache. It is vital to seek medical attention from treatment programs since neck pain affects your daily routine.
  • Treatment may include an X-ray and a CT scan to check for fractures, electromyography to observe the wellness of your muscles, and blood tests to check the rate of blood sugar that may affect your nerves.

Chronic pain affects many people across the globe. Some chronic pain develops as a result of nerve damage or compression. Diabetes is known to affect the functionality of your nerves. Back pain, neck pain, and nerve pain are some examples of chronic pain. Consult Yancey Pain & Spine clinic for treatment and management of chronic pain.