4 Common Veins Related Conditions

Veins play a vital role in wellbeing and proper body functioning. A default may lead to severe underlying health conditions that will need appropriate medical intervention. If a doctor does not intervene, it may lead to the loss of lives. Dr. Atur Kasha in El Paso is a specialist in all conditions related to veins. You can always visit his website or book an appointment at his clinic.

Here are some of the conditions that one may suffer from if they develop complications in their veins.

  1. Varicose Veins

This is the most dangerous vein-related condition. This is because it causes the veins in the legs to enlarge without showing any visible signs and symptoms. Research shows that individuals who are at the risk of being infected by this condition include;

  •   Women who are past menopause.
  •   Older people, especially those that are physically inactive.
  •   Pregnant women.
  •   People who stand or sit for a more extended period of time.
  •   Overweight people.

Although it is difficult to know the signs and symptoms of the condition, an individual should look for the following signs related to the disease. They include the following;

  •   Excess pain after standing or sitting for long periods of time.
  •   Severe muscle cramps.
  •   In some cases, an individual’s skin may start to lose its color.
  •   Veins may start bulging out, forming a cord-like structure in the veins.
  •   Swelling and constant leg pain.
  1. Leg Swelling

When the veins in the legs develop a default, fluids tend to accumulate, causing swelling. It causes a condition called peripheral edema. Leg swelling may cause heart problems, and this requires immediate medical attention. The following are the signs and symptoms that one should look for to help know if they are suffering from this condition:

  •   Heart-related problems.
  •   Individuals become less physically active.
  •   Being overweight.
  •   Problems with blood clots.
  •   Infections to the legs as well as injuries.
  •   Varicose and spider veins conditions play a role in this condition.

Leg swelling is also caused by other conditions such as issues with the lymphatic system, kidney problems, liver problems, and venous circulation system problems.

  1. Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration is a condition that occurs when veins carrying blood from the legs and other body parts develop a default. The condition may as well cause vascular disorders. Individuals with this condition usually experience a lot of pain, very unusual changes in the skin, and swelling of the legs.

The following vein disorders are the leading cause of this condition;

  •   Chronic venous insufficiency.
  •   Varicose and spider veins.
  •   Peripheral artery disease.
  •   Deep vein thrombosis
  1. Peripheral Artery Disease

It is also abbreviated as PAD. It is a circulatory disorder that causes the arteries to narrow, reducing blood flow to your legs. An individual with the condition typically experiences severe leg pain and other heart-related problems. The following signs and symptoms are widespread;

  •   Weaknesses in the legs.
  •   Leg discoloration.
  •   Weak pulse in the feet.

In some cases, in men, it may cause erectile dysfunction, thus affecting their sexual life. However, this is not a symptom for all men. This condition requires immediate medical intervention.

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