5 Secrets to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

In relation to teeth, it is not only the aesthetic side that is important. Undermined oral health harms the entire body. To avoid unpleasant consequences, regular hygiene is necessary. Dr. Eliaz Kaufman and the team at East Village Dental Center use various dental procedures to help improve their patients’ dental health. Here are the 5 secrets to keep your teeth healthy.

  1.     Brush your teeth twice a day and rinse with water after every meal.

Every day more than 20 varieties of bacteria feed on food leftovers in the mouth. When this happens, they release acid that eats away the enamel. It is essential to clean not only the teeth but also the entire oral cavity.

  1.     Find the right toothbrush and toothpaste.

Unless recommended by a doctor, choose a toothbrush of medium hardness. It should have smooth edges, a comfortable grip, and rounded bristles. In addition, change the toothbrush every 2-3 months. Always observe personal hygiene and never share a toothbrush as it may lead to oral illnesses.

  1.     Eat healthily and protect your teeth from acids.

Teeth can decay for several reasons, some of which may appear harmless. Among them, fruit acids found in fruits and fresh juices can leave sugars in the mouth, which may eat away at the enamel. Also, sweet soda, candies, toffee, and caramel can create a suitable environment for bacteria to thrive.

In addition, a lack of fluoride and calcium in your diet can cause the enamel to weaken, and cleaning your teeth alone may not be sufficient. You can have a balanced diet comprising of calcium-based food, such as cheeses, fresh spinach, and broccoli. In addition, products containing vitamin D are highly recommended, such as seafood, eggs, poultry, butter, and beef.

You can also take calcium supplements. However, it is essential to observe only the recommended dosage. If you are not sure, you can discuss it with your dentist. As for fluoride, today, it is found in almost every toothpaste and water, food, and even the air. Sources of fluoride include some products, such as wholemeal flour, green and black tea, seaweed, walnuts, and many types of seafood.

  1.     Treat your teeth and gums with care, and avoid unnecessary stress.

Sometimes floss and toothpicks can damage the gums if not used properly, thereby leading to inflammation. Observe proper techniques when flossing your teeth.

In addition, refrain from exposing your teeth to sudden temperature changes like eating iced products, smoking, or using vape steam. 

Such a combination of hot smoke and cold can destroy your enable. Also, avoid clenching your teeth with force during stressful situations. Some athletes wear special mouth guards during training to avoid damaging their teeth. Use a reasonable load on your teeth and avoid chopping or grinding solid foods.

  1.     Visit your dentist regularly.

Dental problems manifest themselves anytime without notice. The dentist will establish any problem with your teeth before it develops into deep cavities. You should visit the dentist at least once every six months.

The most important secret is that it is not enough to know these tips but to follow all the points regularly. Contact the experts at East Village Dental Center to schedule your appointment.