A Complete Guide to Independent Medical Examination for a Genuine Settlement 

Mostly, anyone who has just met with an accident at work or on the road will tend to get better rather than running after the compensation. After things settle down, a person thinks about getting financial aid that can help him recover from financial losses. Your employer and the insurance company may ask you to undergo an independent medical evaluation or examination. The physician will assess the severity and extent of the injuries caused to you in an accident. An independent medical evaluation in Pittsburgh, PA can help both parties in many ways.

Getting a second opinion for assessment

Many people consider it as an additional burden on them. However, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. An unbiased opinion can always help the victim get the right amount of compensation. In most cases, a certified and experienced doctor who specializes in the field of medical evaluation gives a second opinion. The doctors are contacted to be neutral, unbiased and trustworthy when it comes to making their reports.

These medical practitioners assess the severity of the injury and suggest the amount of compensation. The primary care practitioners may be slightly biased toward their clients. The law wants to be fair to everyone. That’s why a second opinion is needed before giving out the compensation.  Some of the factors assessed by the doctor include: 

  • Mental and physical pain
  • Physical damages or disabilities, if any
  • Causes of the symptoms after injury

The assessment process

In order to assess the patient, the doctor will perform certain tests, X-rays, CT scans to examine you thoroughly.  Blood and urine tests are also performed to evaluate if all the organs are functioning well. He will also get the details including lifestyle and habits. Depending on the reports, he may also suggest the medications and treatment options along with the explanation of test results.

Getting an opinion

It is a legal way to get the right amount as compensation. He plays a vital role in resolving the conflicts and disputes arising between you, your employer and the insurance company. You can remain stress-free while filing for the compensation because you will not lose your rights.

You can get the complete details of the doctor by searching on the internet.  You will get all the care and financial support that you deserve. You just need to find the best TIME in the town.