Understand the Signs When You Need to See an Eye Specialist

Eye problems are unpleasant and unpredictable. They may come when you least expect them but they need immediate medical attention.  It is fine to see your primary care specialist if your eyes are pink or red for about 24-48 hours. If the problem persists, you need to get in touch with an eye specialist such as Stephen M. Wolchok MD who can thoroughly check your eyes and provide the most-suited treatment. It is imperative to know when you should see an eye specialist and a few events are elaborated below:

Blurriness and inability to focus on objects

One of the most common problems in the eyes includes blurriness. It may happen due to many reasons such as inadequate sleep, low or high blood pressure and even fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. If the problem persists, you need to make an appointment with a qualified eye specialist.  He may ask you to get these tests done to rule out the possibilities of any underlying condition. Likewise, if you find it hard to focus on objects, you must call up your doctor immediately.

Pain in eyes

If you experience pain in your eyes, you must get in touch with an eye specialist. Sometimes, the pain is accompanied by nausea, blurriness, headache and vomiting. It can be a sign of glaucoma that can make you blind in a few days only. Some other reasons for eye pain include dry eyes, infections, scratches in the cornea and inflammation. Your health care provider will be able to figure out the exact reason for the eye pain and suggest medications.

Persistent Headaches 

If you experience frequent headaches while working on computers or otherwise, you should contact an eye specialist. Sometimes, the reason for headaches is the conditions like myopia or hyperopia. The eyes need glasses to be worn all the time. An eye specialist can check your eyes properly and figure out the number for the glasses.

Infections in eyes

In many cases, eye injuries can cause severe infections in the eyes that need to be treated well on time. If they are left untreated, they can cause problems such as glaucoma. It is highly recommended to wear sunglasses to avoid an eye injury.

To look for the best eye specialist in your town, you need to search online. Before calling up a doctor, you must read the reviews of the doctor so that you can choose the best one.